Barometer – Easter 2013

I was hoping to post this in the international break but didn’t quite get to it amongst work and sorting out my forthcoming birthday celebrations.

However, better late than never, herewith our latest barometer of the latest happenings aboard the good ship Derby County.

Beating Leicester – Don’t underestimate the magnitude of this victory. With the form of the team, the way the results went and the imminent 2 week gap to look at the table, a defeat here really could have been catastrophic. Winning that game changed the whole mood of the club and what looked a “tricky” run in against fellow strugglers now looks a really fun month of winnable games against shit teams.

Loans with a view – Although a bizarre concept which Clough seems to have invented, his try before you buy loans have come up trumps again. Martin and Forsyth both look like good additions with massive potential, particularly Forsyth, to get better.

Niall soaks up some more incisive punditry from Roger Davies.

Niall soaks up some more incisive punditry from Roger Davies.

Niall Horan – I’m not of the view that all publicity is good, but when one of the most famous people in the world announces that DCFC need to buy more players and get in the Premier league, what’s not to like? Unless of course you’re Andy Appleby who wouldn’t have got so publicly owned if he’d have gone to Ticketmaster like everyone else!

DCFC Youth team – Their heroic Youth Cup run was a great advert and credit to the club. The matches at Pride Park have all been great (and bloody cold!) nights and the Chelsea game in particular was one of my favourite games this season full stop. Good work lads.

Jeff Hendrick – With injuries and loss of form to almost every midfielder at the club, Jeff has been superb in the good and bad performances this season and seems to be getting stronger every week. Player of the year anyone?


Friday night games – Rather than enhancing the atmosphere, these games have been a chore for most Rams fans. I don’t know anyone who likes them and thankfully it appears Sam Rush has got the same feedback.

Make your own luck – We’ve heard regularly from Clough that we don’t have as many points as we deserve and I have some sympathy for that. However better use of the squad, substitutes and  dropping Legzdins after Sheff Wed (when he should have been) could easily have earned us another 10 points without trying.

"Yes its true we have quadrupled Billys salary. If we dont go up? I cut off his hands and burn his DVD suite"

“Yes its true we have quadrupled Billys salary. If we dont go up? I cut off his hands and burn his DVD suite”

New kits all round, again – With all the Kappa gear currently being given away in the club shop, it’s safe to assume we’re staring down the barrel of three new kits a season in line with the old Adidas contract.  I suppose we’re used to it now, but it still seems OTT to me.     

Billy Davies – Fawaz says Billy is going to be Forest’s “Fergie”. By that I assume he means a nasty horrible Scotsman who everyone hates. I still retain the faith that when things aren’t going so well, this is a car crash waiting to happen.   

Sammon haters – The whole Sammon debate is fine but now its boiling over into pro and anti chanting, ironic cheers etc it’s a really bad situation. I thought Sammon was superb against Bristol, particularly after playing 90 minutes of International football on Wednesday, and it was such a shame he missed his chance. I hope him heading straight down the tunnel at full time wasn’t significant and he can bag a few on the run in – starting at Leeds. Come on Rams fans, I thought we were better than this.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with the importance of getting that win against Leicester! Despite not playing well in the second half and hanging on for our lives for far too long at the end. Those 3 points seemed very timely/precious.
    Martin/Forsyth seem to fit the Clough player acquisition mold in terms of their age and hopefully price (as their clubs seem relatively uninterested in retaining them). Therefore if we can bring them both in I think they will add to the quality and depth of the squad. I dont know where this leaves Tyson (not so worried about) and Robinson (still think he is a rough diamond – he does have 9 goals this season and has hardly played).
    I’m not convinced of Niall Horan’s grasp of Derbys financial situation and current spending habits. As nice as it would be to spend 5 million on players, I cant see Nigel being given more then the usual 2. But maybe this is all we need if Barker comes back strong and we keep Brayford, Hughes, Hendrick and Bryson!
    Leicester looked very average and seem to be on a downward spiral despite spending lots of money again this season! So I’m still hopeful that Clough and the Boards slowly slowly approach will pay off in the long run. Let’s just hope its not too long!

  2. Very comfortable win last night but classic example of not resting players when the game was in the bag. Bryson and Sammon could both have benefitted from 20 mins less when they have to go again on Monday (given Bryson’s injury and Sammon’s shift for Eire in week).

    On a another note, I must be the one person who enjoys Friday night games, really suits me!

    Would love to see the relative pro zone stats for Sammon and Steve Davies. Always thought Davies was over rated (not poor, just over rated) and gave our defence an easy night, quite the opposite for Nyatanga and his mate and the score line reflected everyone’s contribution.

  3. Good article.

    Yes, beating Leicester was crucial and changed the mindset of the club. We’ve been on a difficult run, having had to face five of the top six in nine games.

    Appreciate your comments about Sammon, it is getting ridiculous now

  4. Just to add, I would disagree slightly about the substitutions, squad rotation. I do agree in some ways, for instance Bryson & Hughes perhaps should have been rested but played against Blackburn in the cup.

    I think the squad players, like Ben Davies, can offer a performance but not on a consistent basis. Despite two good wins, we are still looking over our shoulder which just shows the pressure on managers to get results and play

  5. their best available team. Even with a handful of games, you wonder if there’ll be a game or two for the manager to blood youngsters like he’s done with Hendrick and Hughes.

    Keep up the excellent work on the blog, nice to see some sense posted amidst some of the hysteria we see/hear elsewhere

    Happy birthday

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