Post-match thoughts – Blackburn

This season, the usual story away from home has been that we’ve dominated games and not won, been unlucky, not helped ourselves etc. etc, repeat until fade…

Some of the above applies to the Blackburn game but watching it all unfold was disappointing to say the least. Here’s my thoughts on what went wrong…

  • I felt there was no need to bring Brayford back. The defence has given little away in recent weeks and Freeman has looked good and part of a settled unit. Whilst Brayford played ok, he was part of a hesitant defence that lead to the soft penalty, whilst Freeman looked our best player when he came on. 
  • On a similar topic, with two games in four days, we could have used Ward better. Keep it tight for 60-70 then think about bringing him on for impact. As it was, he was below par with nothing in the tank when we were chasing. At home, its worth the gamble to start him as we attack teams for the early goals. Away from home, it was a waste of his limited fitness. I doubt he’ll be fit for Tuesday but who knows?
  • The injury time was criminal for the second goal, with one minute on the board we played at least four. I know that its “a minimum of” but playing four times as much is like playing 16 minutes when you have four minutes on the board. It just wouldn’t happen. 
  • Having said the above, everything was wrong defensively for the goal. Bucko failed to deal with the ball in the channel and when the corner was awarded, the outcome seemed inevitable. We’d already got out of jail by the previous corner hitting the underside of the bar but it was like watching  heading practice. Frank took most of the flak but the marking wasn’t great either.
  • To bang on about rotation and subs again. Sammon and Martin simply aren’t scoring at the moment. Clough speaks about Jacobs as a striker and giving Bennett a run. Why aren’t we mixing it up? Martin’s form has been up and down and his all round contribution is less than Sammon. Blackburn away was a prime chance to mix it up – low expectations and chance to get back-on-the-horse days later. As it is, we have more pressure on the Barnsley game and will be asking the same players to go again (probably). 
  • You could tell it wasn’t our day when we weren’t awarded a penalty for the foul on Davies at the end. It was late and would probably have only been a consolation but its not often that you’re close enough to see the contact knock the players leg off course.  The linesman was even closer (smug brylcream boy who Simon rightly pointed out “thought he was a footballer”). It was as stonewall as you can get.
  • Worst of all, Blackburn were awful and there for the taking. They looked a relegation team, devoid of confidence and hoofing it. On form, we would have turned them over easily.

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  1. 200% need to change it up top! Sammon/Bennett or Martin/Bennett – the latter for me just to see how it goes. Talking of Martin….he should have buried that header! Don’t get me started on the linesman. I would query the corner awarded to Blackburn, supposedly off Buxton for their 2nd!

  2. Richard Harcock

    We are the softest side in the division and are in a relegation fight.Progress,Where! We are going backwards and Connor Sammon is a joke.We are no further forward than when Theo and Nathan were playing.I thought the name of the game was to score goals and we get rid of our top scorer.!!!!The only football team to play with a non scoring centre forward.

  3. I’m not going to launch into the Sammon debate again, but the wisdom of loaning out Theo has to be questioned – esepcially in the light of Wards long standing injury. I think the guy who really may have a problem is Martin. He may be a good footballer who is different to our other strikers and he may be struggling for match fitness (after not playing for so long) but is he more of a threat than Theo, No, Is he the natural goalscorer we need, No, On that basis, why not play Mason? It would be more value putting Kwame Thomas up ther for a couple of games to see how he takes to it.

    I dont dislike Martin and think he’s a decent player. He’s just not what we need.

  4. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Theo Robinson hasn’t featured in the HTFC squad for their last three games nor has he scored.

    It should be remembered that Theo asked for a meeting regarding being loaned out. He could have stayed & fought for his first team place.

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