About Ramspace

As some of you may or may not know, we used to do a website called the Baseball Bat Fanzine. This was moderately popular and ran for 6 years. At the end of season 2005/2006, we felt BBF had run its course and decided to do something different.

The whole concept of BBF was that it was a fanzine online. That meant that rather than update the site slightly on an ongoing basis, we updated the whole thing every 2 months. This worked well for a long time but, in the ever-changing world of DCFC, it made it difficult to keep the site relevant and it also put a lot of pressure on us to meet deadlines for new updates. Thus we sacked it.

From there we launched our second site which was Ramspace.co.uk. The idea here was to slightly update the site all the time, as apposed to the aforementioned mass update every two months.

Ramspace took the best bits of BBF plus some new things like Derventio Journals (which spawned 2 books – still available), Weekly Times Online Column & Jukebox. Based on our limited technical acumen, we also got some pretty funky features in there too, such as polls and a rolling newsfeed.

We ran that site for the best part of 5 years (and even ended up attending a showbiz bash in London & collecting an award from Nuts magazine, on behalf of Rams fans.), but once again it was time for a change.

We’d taken the sites as far as we could in that format and frankly with the usual outside pressures of kids getting older and work, we didn’t have the time or the inclination for another full on re-launch. Thus, inspired by a very similar transition by our Watford mates at Blind, Stupid and Desperate and the quick post format of Twitter, we migrated to a new blog format in June 2010.

Inevitably, the site has morphed into more opinion based posts as opposed to the largely comedy based pieces of yore. However you will find that all of our opinions are our own (i.e. not stolen from elsewhere or cut and pasted from Wiki) and hopefully there’s still a sprinkling of comedy to keep things interesting for everybody. We also still retain links with World Soccer magazine and The Guardian newspaper for all fan based DCFC content.

Whilst previously we were largely on our own, there’s now a healthy amount of other sites in the DCFC blogosphere posting good stuff and various new “chat” and “talk” Rams accounts raising the amount of DCFC activity on twitter to new levels.

This is all good for us as it serves to increase the online interest in DCFC whilst also, of course, keeping us on our toes. But rest assured we’ll still be here in one form or another, long after the current crop of the Rams online community have passed the baton to the next generation.

As ever, feel free to email us any comments, suggestions or interesting Rams stuff, which we always appreciate and reply to.

Cheers and up the Rams,

C Spaceram & S Spaceram

(“we’re not a band, we’re brothers” – Ryan Jarman 2012)

  1. comeonyourams

    Great idea. BTW I have added you to my scoopit list of things Derby County, this is also posted on the Come On You Rams forum site. Hope you don’t mind , I hope it will drive more traffic your way.
    Cheers Li150 (Des)

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