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Derby County Top Ten Run Down

As the Rams limber up to return to action this weekend, here’s a quick fire comedy post before we all get bogged down in post match analysis and deciding who the team scapegoat is going to be for October (my tip is Whitbread).

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Smiths Top 10

There’s only so much to say after another uninspiring performance, so here’s something a bit different. An article like we used to write. A top 10 of Smiths songs with Rams  interpretations. We’re not massive Smiths fans, its just that they have the best titles and its our surname:

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Paul Jewell Rumour

Just when Jagger thought all his skeletons were long out the closet, rumour has it his much touted appointment at Plymouth is being delayed due to the imminent disclosure of a lovechild.

Sorry Paul, but it’s clearly in the public interest we spill the beans. Thought Jagger had no Plan B? Think again.

 Apologies to Tom Campesino who I blatantly stole this idea from after I saw it on Twitter.

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