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Goodwill To All Men…….Apart From This Guy

I don’t think anyone wants to read anymore about yesterdays surrender at Boro, so at this time of year it’s always nice to take a moment and spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves. Perhaps those who are currently out of work and maybe those who are almost unemployable.

That said, if the individual in question has only himself to blame for his predicament due to an insane, maniacal, self obsession and has caused you deep mental strain for several years – you may as well boot him when he’s down.

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The Good Will Out

What an amazing day it was yesterday with the the Red Dogs and their evil leader vanquished with maximum prejudice by the Super Rams.

I’m sure we will all write and talk about this one for a long time, but here’s a few of my thoughts, the morning after the day before. Read the rest of this entry

The Evil Down The Road

On Saturday the Rams entertain our neighbours and local rivals Nottingham Forest at the Ipro Stadium.

With both clubs (at the time of writing) sitting in the top 6 of the Championship with 10 games to play, local rivalry aside, the fixture has not had as much genuine significance for years.

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Derby County Pantomime Villains

Back in the day before our website became a blog, we used to mainly publish comedy articles as opposed to the opinion pieces we generally write today.

With everyone writing good stuff about the current run of form we are enjoying, here’s a bit of Christmas fun as we ask you to consider who is your most hated DCFC Pantomime villain. Read the rest of this entry

Barometer – Easter 2013

I was hoping to post this in the international break but didn’t quite get to it amongst work and sorting out my forthcoming birthday celebrations.

However, better late than never, herewith our latest barometer of the latest happenings aboard the good ship Derby County. Read the rest of this entry

The Dark Knight Rises

Since the beginning of their tenure, the Al Hawasi family have generally done a great job of dragging the name of Notts Forest through the mud and making the club a laughing stock around the football world at large. Read the rest of this entry

The Slow Train to the Next Level

Despite putting in a very low quality performance, the Rams were not particularly outplayed by Reading last night. Neither side really deserved to win and it was clear if anyone scored it would be tough for the other side to come back.

However the predictable way the second half panned out, the ease in which Reading saw out the game after their goal and our now established mid table league position has prompted a new round of “where are we going?” type comment and conversation. Read the rest of this entry

Forest Post Match Barometer

Regular readers of Ramspace will be well aware of our barometer concept whereby we list out some good and not so good things about the world of DCFC.

Thus with everyone writing their views on yesterdays monumental win against Forest, we thought we’d twist our usual post match thoughts piece with a quick-fire barometer. As you’d expect there aren’t many downsides to a result like this. So in no particular order:- Read the rest of this entry

Things To Learn From Last Season

With only two games gone & so many injuries, we’ll hold fire for the time being on any major comment on the new look Rams.

We’re still very much in positive new season mode, so herewith part 2 of an occasional series snappily entitled “articles I wrote whilst securing sunbeds  in Cyprus” . Herewith some things to learn last season. Read the rest of this entry

Latest Rams News – General Commentary

Although, we are now less than a month from pre-season training there has hardly been a single day this summer break, where there’s not been some form of Rams related news or development.  

Without doubt this has reached a crescendo over the last couple of weeks so, whilst all or most of these could have been articles in their own right, herewith some thoughts on recent events.

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