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7th – The Preacher Man

Remember in the days before the Premier League, when football was brilliant? Before Sky ruined everything with their money and weird kick off times? When all your players were born within 10 miles of the stadium?

Well if you don’t, here’s a man who does. Meet The Preacher Man, he’s searching for the soul of the game. Read the rest of this entry

Forest for Free

One amusing sideshow of the last few years has been the general catastrophic mis-management of transfer dealings and contract renewals at our dear neighbours Notts Forest.

Consistently within the last 5 years Forest have lost key players on Bosman’s, with Lewis McGugan being this years million pound transfer fee going down the toilet. Read the rest of this entry

How to get promoted

During the ’30 days’, we’ve called in a few of our friends to make contributions along the way. Today we have the man formerly known as The Hull Fan At Work on duty. I say “formerly known as” as a) I don’t work with him any more and 2) as of June, he won’t be working at all. Most of us saw Derby lose at least once to Hull City last season and were left wondering “how are they at the top and we’re not?”. That’s no disrespect to the Tigers, like us under Silly (okay, that is disrespect) they consistently ground out narrow victories. Whilst I think of a new nickname for TMFKATHFAW (The Man Formerly Known As….), you can read the thoughts of the man himself…

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Postcard from the Netherlands

I’m currently in Holland on a mini football tour with my sons Sunday team. So, as a break from standard Rams commentary, here’s a little insight into how the Dutch roll in terms of their local football. Read the rest of this entry

England v. Ireland preview

We’ve said a few times about international football not being top of our agenda and an England friendly during closed season, without a major tournament on the horizon, is a particularly hard sell. But today is different and for three obvious reasons, we’ll be taking a great interest in the action at Wembley. Read the rest of this entry

The Curious Case of Conor Doyle

I won’t say I was surprised to see that Conor Doyle had been given a contract extension with The Rams – as I’d heard a hint he would – but I did wonder why. However, I’m not about to put the boot into Doyle but wonder what Clough has in mind for the young-ish American.

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The Dark Knight Rises

Since the beginning of their tenure, the Al Hawasi family have generally done a great job of dragging the name of Notts Forest through the mud and making the club a laughing stock around the football world at large. Read the rest of this entry

Non League Day

This Saturday, September 3rd, is the second official Non League Day. In a nutshell – its an international weekend so why not go and support your local non-league side? International weekends can be boring at the best of times and watching a non-league match is a nice reminder of the good old days of football. Go with a few mates, walk around as you please and have a beer without having to neck it in five minutes. Read the rest of this entry

Forest board meeting revealed

Ramspace have obtained some exclusive footage of the Forest boardroom meeting that brought down the curtain on Billy Davies’ two and half year reign. The footage reveals an almost unanimous vote, with just one person in disagreement.

Click below for footage:


After a disappointing season, sometimes the only salvation is other peoples misery. Or more specifically, that of another club. Even more specifically – Forest. I’m sure they will sneer at us, given the league positions. But did they hold back when we were in the Prem and they were in League 1? Judging by the number of hits on the site after the Red Dogs most recent debacle, I’m guessing that some comment wouldn’t go amiss. See here goes. Some comments and observations in no particular order… Read the rest of this entry