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30 Days of Ramspace Wrap Up

Ok everyone, I thought it was this weekend, but after triple checking, today is day 30 and the last day of 30 days of Ramspace.

At one point I was thinking I should have made it 10 or 20 days and then when we were about half through and flying there was some crazy  talk of extending it! Read the rest of this entry

Progress – Rams points and positions

Since Nigel Clough was first appointed, the stated aim has always been year on year progress. Although this hasn’t been completely linear, this seasons 10th finish was the best yet – even though our points tally wasn’t high as 2011/12. Difficult to get your head around? Take a look at our handy graph to get an idea of how we’ve done since Nigel took the reins. The graph begins with Nigel’s first half season.

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Do We Really Need A Goalscorer?

With the signing of Jonny Russell seemingly progressing to a positive conclusion, Rams fans should be blessed with all manner of striking options to enjoy next season.

Subsequently it was with some surprise that I saw in my inbox an article submitted by Ramspace reader, Shaun Dowey, asking if we really needed a new striker. Check out Shaun’s thoughts here and see if you agree. Read the rest of this entry

DCFC Celtic Warriors

One of the traits of Nigel Clough’s management of DCFC has been his clear and explicit dislike of foreign players.

Indeed in the cases of Cwyka & Albrechtsen some of his very public comments did well to stay the right side of what you can and what you can’t say about people not from these shores. Read the rest of this entry

Forest for Free

One amusing sideshow of the last few years has been the general catastrophic mis-management of transfer dealings and contract renewals at our dear neighbours Notts Forest.

Consistently within the last 5 years Forest have lost key players on Bosman’s, with Lewis McGugan being this years million pound transfer fee going down the toilet. Read the rest of this entry

Keogh v Shackell the conclusion

Without doubt the strangest move of last summers trading was the sale of Jason Shackell to Burnley.

On paper, selling our most valuable player to fund multiple improvements to the team made sense as people like Jacobs and Coutts started to arrive. However to then replace Shacks (who had not done a lot wrong on the pitch) with a more expensive centre half seemed to completely contradict the plan. Read the rest of this entry

The Curious Case of Saul Deeney

Football is such now that the concept of the long serving player is petty much defunct. The Bosman rule and increasingly tighter budgets in all levels of football means that players will either move on for a better deal or get moved off the payroll long before many of them could even spell the word testimonial.

Derby County are no different and thus there is not one single player (academy graduates excluded) who has been here longer than our manager. However when you look at our long servers, you might be surprised to find Saul Deeney pretty much at the top of the list and about to start his 5th (fifth!!) season at Pride Park. Read the rest of this entry

How to get promoted

During the ’30 days’, we’ve called in a few of our friends to make contributions along the way. Today we have the man formerly known as The Hull Fan At Work on duty. I say “formerly known as” as a) I don’t work with him any more and 2) as of June, he won’t be working at all. Most of us saw Derby lose at least once to Hull City last season and were left wondering “how are they at the top and we’re not?”. That’s no disrespect to the Tigers, like us under Silly (okay, that is disrespect) they consistently ground out narrow victories. Whilst I think of a new nickname for TMFKATHFAW (The Man Formerly Known As….), you can read the thoughts of the man himself…

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Postcard from the Netherlands

I’m currently in Holland on a mini football tour with my sons Sunday team. So, as a break from standard Rams commentary, here’s a little insight into how the Dutch roll in terms of their local football. Read the rest of this entry

England v. Ireland preview

We’ve said a few times about international football not being top of our agenda and an England friendly during closed season, without a major tournament on the horizon, is a particularly hard sell. But today is different and for three obvious reasons, we’ll be taking a great interest in the action at Wembley. Read the rest of this entry