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  1. can’t find RSS feed please advise

    Bob Stack

    • Sorry for the late reply Bob, I think we both left it to each other. I don’t know to be honest but if I find out I’ll email you.

  2. We dont want to go up.We are not ready.Why buy a season ticket with this attitude.Last night Derby started so defensively and played into Hulls hands.They had lost their goalkeeper and centre half and yet we played with one up front and he was at times so detached from the rest of the team.WE WERE AT HOME.Slow progress yes but surely the players would mature quickly if playing in a higher league.I know im not qualified to comment as i know very little about football but I do control my wallet and its a long way from Northampton.Come on cloughy be brave and go for it a bit more.Especially at home because I do believe we have as good a set players as any team in the championship.

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