Post Match Bullets – Crystal Palace

The Rams dismal recent run of results continued last night with an entertaining but monumentally frustrating defeat to a bang average Crystal Palace.

Herewith my thoughts on the Rams latest ‘unlucky’ defeat.

Of the last 3 home games, I thought we actually played by far the best in the Palace game despite losing. Although I’m drifting dangerously into Clough rhetoric here, it absolute fact that we could have won all three of these games without doing a lot differently. Clough and this team cracking that conundrum is the key to getting out of this division.

Chris Martin looks a good tidy player and does indeed provide some quality on the ball we don’t have up top. He’d be a god swap out for Tyson or Theo in squad terms but he’s not the 20 goal predator we need. How many times in the last 3 home games has the ball been bouncing around the box with no-one sniffing to apply the finish? The one last night when Speroni palmed Brayford’s shot into the 6 yard box with not a DCFC player within 10 yards was criminal. Imagine Kevin Phillips playing an hour each week with Sammon & Ward doing his running, he’d score 50 goals never mind 20.

"Whats do you think when I say the word 'cross'?" "SHIT!"

“Whats do you think when I say the word ‘cross’?” “SHIT!”

I’ve been thinking this since Sheff Wednesday but its now definitely time to get Frank back in goal. Legzdins has become hesitant in coming off his line (see last nights goal and the one headed off the line by Keogh) and doesn’t do one thing or the other when a cross comes in. His distribution has also dropped away being generally poor and, again, hesitant and slow. Franks personality would be a timely lift for the team & fans, get it done Nigel.

The Sammon debate rolls on and I think we all feared the worst when he stepped up last night. To my mind he’s a decent player who can do damage for us in the championship. He has his limitations but then so does every striker in the league. The service to him is generally awful and how many times do you see a bouncing ball into his waist or neck which he struggles to control under pressure, only to be roundly booed by a significant section of fans. I hope he turns it round because the guy must be on the floor at the moment.

To finish on a positive, as frustrating as this last month or so has been, its clear to anyone who watches Derby regularly that we genuinely aren’t far away from challenging. I think the size of the squad and the large amount of youngsters has caught up with us (see Middlesbrough’s young team having a similar problem). However we will pull out of this run. If we can finish positively and Sam Rush takes the plunge he has hinted at this summer (on the key positions we need), maybe we might at last have something to shout about instead of our weekend being ruined by DCFC before it’s started!


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  1. Nailed it.

  2. Cannot understand some fans frustration at Sammon, he works incredibly hard and gives his all every game. Hardly his fault he had been played alone up front for so much of this season. With Ward off injured last night he had guts to step up to take the penalty – with a great save from Speroni.
    At least last night we looked more productive from the start, rather than the ‘try not to lose and then try and snatch a goal’ tactics we’ve been playing for too long. As a fan I’d rather see us play more positively, preferring a 2-1 win to a 1-0 one.
    Watched the u-18s on Tuesday and we have some good prospects there if we can mive them through. Suggestions for summer ? – clone John Brayford 🙂

  3. Spot on, I genuinely believe the only way to get out of the championship is to have a larger squad and a bit more experience, possibly only 3 players on top of what we have. After Christmas we always lose ground due to injuries, tiredness and inexperience, sort this out and we’re there or thereabouts. GSE take note!

  4. Spot on. To get out of the Championship you have to have a big enough squad to get over the Xmas hangover of injuries, tiredness and inexperience, this can still be done without “doing a Forest” probably 3 players would do it on top of what we have. Take note Sam/GSE!

  5. I thought we played nearly as well, as we did against Watford. The difference being, everything dropped into place against them and their goalkeeper wasn’t as good as Speroni. I think Sammon is a very good player, but I suppose some have got to have a player to hate. I sometimes wonder if its the view from where you sit , which gives you a different perspective of the game and players ( I sit in the North Stand by the way ) I remember when John O Hare came to Derby ( yes that old!) It took quite a while for him to get the universal approval. He didn’t score that many, but was most influential in Kevin Hector getting quite a few!

  6. Tommy Harcock

    I think we have a decent squad. I feel sorry for Theo, but i thought Martin looked bigger and neater. We do need someone deadly the Phillips comment was very much what me and my dad were saying on the night. Right… now i hope this doesn’t make me unpopular but i do have to say the subsitute policy seems flawed. I think when your one down changing things in the last ten minutes could get you a draw, changing things in the last 20 minutes could win you the match. (?)

  7. I am sorry but wasn’t everyone saying the same last year? the fact is we are currently 11 points off the playoffs and 8 points off relegation. We have a difficult couple of games coming up and i believe Peterborough have a game in hand which could mean the gap is 7 points. First of all we need to concentrate on being safe in the division because a couple more bad results and we could be dragged into the battle, and with 1 win in 10 i think? then confidence will be in short supply and could become a real problem for the games we may need to win.

    I haven’t been able to attend games this year for the first time in over a decade because i am currently at university almost 200 miles away but i do have ramsplayer and watch every game. We have been having the majority of possession however to me it is becoming increasingly clear that teams are allowing us this with us being so toothless up front then teams are less worried about letting us have possession. Sammon the 1.2 million pound workhorse isn’t much good for me, poor control, poor shooting, poor positioning what else is there supposed to be in a target man except being big? Jamie ward will always be unreliable due to his hamstrings and the less said about Tyson the better in my book.

    So what needs to happen in the future? well we need a left back, two new strikers who aren’t at perpetual risk of injury and can score, and a winger or two before we even have a chance of promotion and add a central defender to the list if Barker cannot return or isn’t as good as he was when he returns. We are a mid-table championship side at best currently as sad as it is to say.

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