The Dark Knight Rises

Since the beginning of their tenure, the Al Hawasi family have generally done a great job of dragging the name of Notts Forest through the mud and making the club a laughing stock around the football world at large.

Whether it be attempting to parachute in Kuwaiti players, sacking loyal servants of the club by letter, ditching O’Driscoll just as he seemed to be on the verge of something or the whole George Boyd/Alex McLeish fiasco, it’s all been five star entertainment for fans of DCFC.

However with the appointment of Billy Davies as the new Forest manager, they really are going shit or bust.

"Yeah, 3 1/2 years, sack me if you dare yabasta'"

“Yeah, 3 1/2 years, sack me if you dare yabasta'”

Billy Davies is a vile, arrogant man who is obsessed with self-promotion and cares about nothing aside from himself. He also has no peer in the art of winning football matches in the Championship.

I’ve joked to my friends many times that if I owned a club in the championship I would pay Billy Davies whatever he wanted to be manager with two clauses 1) He never spoke to me 2) His contract expires the day he got my team into the Premier League.

Clearly from a PR point of view the appointment is a masterstroke, although I think the term Forest “legend” is a bit much. In reality he’s achieved nothing more than George Burley did at Derby and, as much as I enjoyed George’s time at DCFC, I wouldn’t class him as a Rams legend.

One thing is for sure, this appointment is going to go one of two ways. If Billy is backed financially and left alone then you have to say he has a great chance. However if the Al Hawasi’s try to interfere it will be a very slow and painful divorce, because there is no way Billy will ever walk without a pay off  – you can almost see those post match interviews now!

Yesterday Radio Derby’s Ed Dawes tweeted a photo of a bright red sunrise with the comment “Red Sky in the morning, Billy Davies warning” which probably sums up everything perfectly.

One thing is for certain, with Silly back in the Forest dugout, the Derby Forest matches next season won’t be the, relatively, tepid encounters we’ve had this year.


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  1. This is probably what everyone is thinking but i’ll say it… Imagine if Silly got Forest up to the Prem and didn’t win a single game beating our record! I could live with them running away with the championship next season if that was the result.

  2. Stand back and watch the fireworks show. It will be like the Damned United on acid.

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