New Boys – Craig Forsyth

Hot off the press, here’s the lowdown on our new loan signing Craig Forysth. Thanks to our ever reliable man in Watford, Matt Rowson, from the ‘Blind Stupid and Desperate’ massive for his usual entertaining brand of information.

Soccer - npower Football League Championship - Hull City v Watford - KC StadiumHe’s… interesting.  Looks gangly, first off.  Very leggy, awkward.  Neither as good in the air nor as bad on the ground as his physique suggests… likes the ball at his feet.  Last season he was involved a fair bit but split the support, and suffered through being a lazy target for a long ball when we were playing badly.  This season… we’d written him off, but against all expectations he’s been involved, possibly through lack of cover on the left.  When he’s come on he’s looked tough, focused, competent, a more than adequate back up.

From Clough’s comments it sounds like you’re right about a view to a buy, and encouraging as his performances have been I’d be unsurprised if he was on his way out.  Good squad player, he’s versatile… been more involved left mid than left back for us, wing back (as we’re playing this season) looked great for him.

One other thing….he’s got a hell of a shot on him. Ball in front of him, facing towards the goal, so long as he can just smack it….. wallop

Hope Forsyth does well, I’m not surprised if he’s off but I’d certainly not object to him staying. Other thing… before us he was at Dundee in Scottish 1, so he’s had little experience at a decent level, there’s improvement in him.”

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  1. Like you say, this is an entertaining and (from what I’ve seen of him in the last two years) very accurate description of Forsyth’s attributes. He never seemed to impress last season for Watford but I have seen him put in a very decent performance at left wing back this season.
    Of course, we should all give him a chance to show what he can do in a Rams shirt but I have to say if we’re looking to really push on next season we should be setting our standards higher than “a more than adequate back up” or “a good squad player”.

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