Derby County Big Heads

A fair few years ago in the days BC (before children) I went through a period of collecting Corinthian football figures (sometimes known as Big Head figures), which have recently since been re-launched as Soccer Starz.

As great fun as it was buying obscure Ajax players online, what I really wanted was some DCFC figures.

When the Rams were promoted to the Premier league under Jim Smith, a deal was agreed in principle and a set of five prototypes were created. Unfortunately the licensing deal fell through and the Rams set never formally hit the market.

There were some master models made before the deal collapsed and this one of Simmo in a presentation box recently sold for £220! From memory the other two players produced were Chris Powell and for some reason Sean Flynn.

If we do stay the course this season, I think there will be no such problems sorting a deal with Soccer Starz and I very much look forward to having a mini Chris Martin on my desk hurling imaginary abuse and anger at everyone in our office!con02simpson



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