The Baseball Ground……and Friends

For those who had the pleasure of regularly attending games at The Baseball Ground, you don’t need me to tell you what a magical place it was.

Everyone has their own memories of particular games, where they parked (Rolls Royce for us then a stroll down the minefield that what dogshit Alley), the pubs, the Ramtique etc. It seems now an entirely different world to that in which we watch Derby County today.

It was always my intention to do a Baseball Ground piece as part of this series of posts and I think the pictures below will evoke more memories for people than I can write. However in searching for stuff for this post, I stumbled across this cracking youtube video, showing various legacy grounds, some abandoned and left to rot, some abandoned pre-demolition. It’s 8 minutes long and well worth a watch.

BBG1 BBG2 bbg3 bbg4 bbg5bbg6

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