Derby County Top Ten Run Down

As the Rams limber up to return to action this weekend, here’s a quick fire comedy post before we all get bogged down in post match analysis and deciding who the team scapegoat is going to be for October (my tip is Whitbread).

Let’s countdown the DCFC top ten!

10 – Don’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis – But do look at Donny’s current forward line of Tyson and Theo and thank Christ that those horrible years of treading water (and swallowing lots of it regularly) are way behind us.

9 – I am the Resurrection – Stone Roses – Richard Keogh recovers from his Wembley nightmare, a more than uneasy pre-season and general fan miss-trust to turn in a series of biblical defensive displays and easily be player of the season so far.

8 – There’s a Ghost in my House – R.Dean Taylor – With Halloween imminent, several staff members at Moor Farm have recently reported sightings of a mystery skeletal like figure hanging around the facility that ‘looked like Saul Deeney’.

Leon the Lion - Looks like a thug from GTA, moves like a builder on Minecraft.

Leon the Lion – Looks like a thug from GTA, moves like a builder on Minecraft.

7 – Defeated No More – Disclosure – A year down the line and even the most ardent Clough lover must concede that his harsh sacking was the most significant event  that’s happened to the club in recent memory.

6 – Around the World – Daft Punk/Lisa Stansfield (adjust to taste) – Various DCFC players now genuine international class and contributing to meaningful qualifying games. Great to see.

5 – Started from the Bottom – Drake – Things can’t get any worse for Leon Best at Derby so lets hope its onwards and upwards from here. Otherwise it might be another Drake tune ‘hold on, we’re going home’ (to Blackburn) blaring out of his ride.

4 – How am I supposed to live without you? – Michael Bolton – on a similar note, I’m not sure anyone has quite worked out what happens if Chris Martin gets injured or inevitably suspended.

3 – Big Pimpin’ – Jay Z – Tom Glick was a great marketer and PR guy but couldn’t close a door when it came to getting deals done. Our very own Big Sam is the polar opposite, closing transfers, contracts and major commercial deals left right and centre. Cos that’s how he rolls!

2 – Not this Time – The 2 Bears – After last season’s heartbreak, I can sense there’s a definite steel of determination throughout our club to go up this year. It’s also a cynical way to shoehorn my current favourite tune onto the site!

1 – Why’d you only Call me when you’re High? – Arctic Monkeys – Red Dogs go to ground for most of last season and almost cease to exist completely after the 5-0; then after a half decent start to the new season under Psycho, the fickle bastards are everywhere. Pathetic.

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  1. love the post,,,spot on about red dogs being most fickle fans around, even their forum LTLF admits it.

  2. First time on your site mate and all your posts are great.This one made me laugh and also had some good points to consider also.


  3. cheers mate glad to have you onboard!

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