Since I Went to Mexico

I’ve just checked the date and can’t believe my last post on Ramspace was 8th August! I think that’s comfortably my longest run without so much as a quick comedy image based post for over 10 years (BBF inclusive for old skool readers).

Anyway, for those who don’t follow me on twitter, I went to Mexico for 2 weeks the day after my last post and then on the day we got back, my wife went down the stairs like Andy Reid on roller skates and broke her leg in several places. Add that to me changing job after 11 years and investing in my own business and it’s been a bit busy at Ramspace HQ.

As ever, it’s also been busy in the world of DCFC.

Yesterday I brainstormed a new Barometer and came up with 26 possible points for a 10 piece article. The difficulty is not topics to discuss, more so saying something that’s not already been said several times by our excellent local media or one of the many other Rams Blogs that now exist (and even the all New Rams Podcast).

So as time is still a bit tight, let’s get the show back on the road with a quick fire ten thoughts or comments on the season so far:

1) Keogh has comfortably been my player of the season thus far. Really pleased for him after Wembley, a mixed start and an even more mixed reception from Rams fans.

2) I love Jordan Ibe. Yes he’s raw and doesn’t always make the right choice but what a talent! For me, he’s raised the bar like Thorne did last year.

3) The full time implementation of the South Stand experiment has totally changed the atmosphere at the Ipro. Sounds great, looks great.

4) After being initially a bit concerned, Cyrus Christie is a more than suitable replacement for Whizzer. In addition, both these players have outed John Brayford as limited.

5) Stating the obvious, but Leon Best has been hopeless so far. Initially I thought it was a confidence thing but I am now worried he has just lost it. That can’t be the case, can it?

6) Raised expectation this year, and a good start by Forest, has unfortunately bought out more than the odd troll on twitter. Berating the team, players and often other fans, these people need to chill or get to fuck. Tone on dcfc twitter has not been cool on several occasions recently.

7) The investment in the U21 team, the raising of our academy status and of course the Moor Farm redevelopment are really exciting. First chance I get, I will do an U21 game and post here. Really want to see Koblenz.

8) I think Mascarell has got better everytime he’s played but I can’t work out what the plan is for him. With the Eust in top form and Thorne talking about February, how long will Real let him bench warm for us?

9) The new feature of the players coming out a few minutes early at half time for a warm up is an interesting one. If nothing else it’s good for the opposition to walk out and immediately think we have one over them!

10) In my view, Derby and Norwich are the best teams in this division. I am confident that by Christmas you will see that reflected in the league table.

More soon including a site refresh – I promise!

Come on you Rams!


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  1. All very true, but is it just me or is the elephant in the room that despite the unbeaten run we just haven’t really hit our straps yet? I’d love to come away from the iPro with the feeling we’ve just outclassed someone a la Brighton play-off home leg.

    • I think that’s a fair point. However, if you take that into consideration, our current league position is probably even stronger. I sense an air of calm confidence in Macs recent interviews which tells me he knows this too.

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