Departure Lounge – Cyrus Christie

Back into cattle class after processing a few high rollers through our doors, it’s time to bid farewell to Cyrus Christie, who yesterday completed his move to Championship rivals Middlesbrough in a £2.5m deal.

Christie leaving Derby is no surprise and the reality is that this move has been on the cards for a few weeks.

Cyrus himself has openly said that Rowett told him he preferred more defensive minded full backs and the subsequent signing of Andre Wisdom, off the back of the retention of Baird, pretty much made Cyrus surplus to requirements.

Like most of this Derby squad, Christie is another who has divided opinion during his time. However whilst Tom Ince absolutely won the war and left with his head held high, Cyrus probably leaves with not many Derby fans sad to see him go. The fact we have allowed him to sign for a direct promotion rival also probably tells you a lot about the management teams opinion as well.


Smiley Cyrus – Runs down the wing like a wrecking ball, checks back and scuffs it into the first man with his left foot.

There is no doubt Cyrus is a tremendous athlete who has all the attributes to be a top player. Certainly between both boxes he is immense and seems well thought of by the Eire set up. However he’s also very much what I call a “TV player” in that when you see snippets of him he looks great, when you see him every week warts and all, not so good.

In the interests of equity, he has had some great games for Derby and some good spells but he has also cost us a lot of goals and on field self confidence is an issue. As Derby collapsed at the end of McClaren’s second season Cyrus was begging to be pulled out the firing line but Steve kept pushing him out there. I remember one brutal night at Rotherham when Ben Pringle absolutely ran him ragged. At the other end you probably have the main thing Cyrus will be remembered for at Derby, which is his consistent ability to get into a great position and then fail to beat the first man with his cross – towards the end of his time with the Rams this happened so often it became a joke.

I am not sure if his recent proclamation that he thought on his day he was the best full back in the league was some misguided attempt at improving his mental strength and self image, but the predictable response from Derby fans ensured he was never going to wear a Rams shirt again.

Cyrus was signed for peanuts from Coventry and has been sold for £2.5m with a rumoured 15% sell on.  That is cracking business again by the club and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see us come good on that sell on if he keeps playing well for Eire.

Good Luck Cyrus but don’t worry about keeping in touch.


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