Derby County – New Season Barometer

Over the last few years, each new Derby season has been heralded as a new dawn only for Rams fans to be served with the same old, from exactly the same group of players, against the backdrop of a procession of managers, relieved of their duties.

With the sale of our two star players in Tom Ince and Will Hughes, some canny signings and early signs that we may have a keeper in Rowett, this season genuinely does feel like a fresh start for The Rams.

Thus, what better way to see in the new season and new era with a well overdue return for the classic Ramspace Barometer. Enjoy.

Gary Rowett – Talks constant common sense (a language DCFC fans have not been familiar with for some time) and generally has the air of a man who knows what he is doing. Great business so far and his refusal to pay stupid fees & burn the Ince money is a refreshing change. Let’s hope he’s still here at Christmas!

Tom Huddlestone – I will concede I wasn’t excited when we were first linked to bringing Tom back but already he looks absolute class and a key component in our new team. Clever work by Rowett and an absolute steal at £2m – when was the last time Derby fans could say that!

GR & Mac

“Well if you are asking, your full backs are shite, your team spirit is shocking and your passing in circles is dated and tedious.”

New Kit – Best designs by Umbro, both home and away, for a few seasons and no more Just Eat. There’s still time for that Black & Yellow trim third kit lads, don’t let me down.

RamsTV – The advent of Rams TV has definitely been the highlight of this pre-season. Every game live and a constant flow of good content on the website for Rams fans (and the DET) to enjoy. Even the studio stuff with Gibbo is watchable. Well done to all involved. Cracking effort.

Fozzy and Wizzer – After several seasons of dross, we at last have two solid quality full backs who can defend. This will make a massive difference this season, particularly away from home.

Penalties – Haven’t been great for Derby for some time. Even the ones that go in never look convincing. In pre-season, we’ve missed 2 and the one we did score put the taker out until Christmas! Give them to Huddlestone and let’s put this issue to bed.

will hughes dazed

As the mushrooms began to wear off, Will wondered who the hell was playing Elton John and what the fuck was he doing in Watford.

Players Out – I honestly didn’t think it would be as hard as it appears to have been for us to shift on some our players, with a net reduction of only 1 player in squad size and you could actually argue an increase with the return of CM9 & Fozzy! Hopefully there will be more movement as the deadline approaches and managers start to panic. I still think one of Keogh or Johnson will leave, you read it here.

George Thorne & Max Lowe – I love both these players and Max in particular has everything to go to the very top of the game. However, if they can’t get on the pitch it’s pointless. With the signing of Huddlestone and the emergence of Callum McDonald, the clock is now ticking on these two to get themselves sorted once and for all.

Twitter Transfer Speculation – With Rams fans scavenging for even the faintest scrap of transfer news, this has been as painful as ever. Robot accounts retweeting any old shit with a hashtag, fake ex agent accounts, ITK fans, fans treating journo clikbait as gospel and the DET writing a story on all of it! Horrible.

The Sale of Will Hughes – I don’t think anyone has any issue with the actual concept of selling Will to a Premier League team, both for the good of his career and for DCFC. That said, however you dress up the fee, the add-ons, the alleged offsetting of Anya and Vyds debts, you can’t get away from the fact we pretty much gave away our home-grown superstar to fucking Watford.

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  1. Lee Lawrence

    Great article and I pretty much agree with all of it. I reckon Fozzy (if he stays fit) or Tom Hundredstone are already nailed on for player of the season. Would be gutted to see Thorne go but how does he fit in the team with Tom? Butterfield needs to go at all costs imo – can’t seem to even get a decent cross in. Home kit is vanilla but away one is one of the best I’ve seen since the first Kappa home effort (am I the only person that loved Kappa?). Look forward to reading all your social feeds across the season – love your work.

    • Cheers Lee. Really appreciate your support and kind words. The only way I can see Butterfield staying is if he finds his shooting boots again. He has goals in him but like most of our players has just lost his mojo in the carnage,

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