QPR – Post Match Bullets

On Saturday, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day down in London culminating in watching the Rams narrow defeat to QPR.

Although we lost and both goals were absolutely avoidable, there were plenty of positives for the Rams. Here are my thoughts on the proceedings at Loftus Road.

  • Before the game I looked at QPR’s team on paper and it looked really strong. Chock full of Premiership names players; the fact the centre forward was not one of these was no consolation as it was arch DCFC nemesis Charlie Austin. Nothing in the game did anything to change my mind and QPR were by some distance the best quality team I have seen this season. The two wingers (Philips and Hoilet) are particularly menacing and will rip lesser teams than DCFC to shreds.wisdom
  • For all QPR’s quality and power, DCFC more than matched them for long periods. The Rams annoying habit of conceding soft goals when in the ascendency again reared its head and cost us. Grants nothing goal kick floated to Joey Barton and Craig Forsyth getting rolled and then having to foul Philips were both bad mistakes which were punished ruthlessly. The second goal was particularly galling as the Rams were all over QPR after half time. Having said that, the Rams pushed them all the way and QPR’s nervousness and time wasting in the final stages was testament to how close we pushed them.
  • Wardy was probably Derby’s best player on the day and his hi-tempo, ultra aggressive approach caused QPR problems all afternoon. I do wish he’d let Hughesey have a go at a couple of the free kicks though, particularly in the inside right channel where it’s begging for a left footer. Wisdom grew into the game after being given an uncomfortable first half hour by Hoilett. Dawkins has definitely got something and his goal was a sharp finish however his decision making needs to get better. Too often he hot potatoes the ball to nobody or misses the quick pass to check back and ponder his options. Hopefully he will get better with games.
  • With each game that passes I’m really starting to form the opinion that Craig Forsyth is the weakest link. Whilst he has a lot of good attributes which get him out of trouble, his erratic distribution, lack of composure and general awareness are a problem. The arrival of Wisdom who has all of these qualities in spades has merely emphasised the issue. To me Forsyth is a quality squad player and the left back spot remains an area for improvement.
  • Finally, for those of you who haven’t made an away game yet I can’t emphasise enough how good the atmosphere was and what a good laugh it was to be in the DCFC end on Saturday. Gone is the general negativity and inter fan arguing, that became common place in the Clough era, to be replaced by unconditional support, smoke bombs, comedy chanting and general all round good banter. Get Involved!

The more I look around this division the more I think the Rams have a great chance this season if we can seriously string some results together. Lets start that by tonking Sheff Wednesday on Saturday.


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  1. Dawkins drove me up the wall Vs brum. Looked totally out of his depth. on the back foot constantly, lacked ideas, took too long on the ball, didn’t track back and when he did it was leisurely and in effective. glad to see he is improving with games. reminds me of a theo mark two.

    definitely think we have a good chance of staying in the top few teams and have a nice run of games to come in the next few weeks. fingers crossed we make the most of it.

  2. Agreed. No doubt had Russell played against Brum and QPR we’d have got more than 1 point to show for our efforts. Early days though and I’m not writing him off yet.

  3. First away game under the new regime and an absolute belter – great atmosphere and a belting team performance. It feels like I’ve no longer got to take the moral high-ground with opposing fans when referring to our ‘slow build’. We’ve finally lost our mantra of being ‘ a good footballing team that is always unlucky in defeat’ Let the good times roll!

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