From the papers…

A few bits and pieces from today’s paper:

1) Seeing that Giles Barnes has been playing in the Premier League has made me wonder if we should have hung on in there. However, this snippet from the Observer suggests that we’d still be hanging:

“Giles Barnes…remains an frustrating enigma, working his way into good positions only to cross the ball like Mr. Magoo.”

An odd comparison but I think I get the message.

"...and Barnes is round the full-back with Odemwingie unmarked at the back post"

2) Liam Dickinson is not exactly setting the world alight at Walsall. He’s on the bench already. Ironically, coming on as sub for Jon Macken.

3) I’m not a big fan of Kenny Miller and I’m the first to say “well his contract’s up in the summer isn’t it?” every time I see he’s scored. However, I noticed that he’s actually scored 18 goals in 14 league games this season. Good going by any standards.

4) The Rams are top of the Championship “shots on target” table, averaging 5.2 per game.

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  1. Kennington Ram

    That fourth stat can’t be write can it?! Astonishing if so that the top rated team only manages 5 shots a game on target (considering one of those will be a speculative Commons effort from the centre circle)

    • I’ve just checked and it definitely says 5.2. Having looked at the weekend stats, “on target” is always half or less of total shots (e.g. Cardiff had 9 shots against Forest but only one on target). Generally it looks like home teams average above 5 and away teams below 5. I suppose our Palace performances are balanced by our Sheff Utd at the moment.

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