Don’t be so Silly!

Billy Davies has been spouting off in the media all week. Amongst his usual complaints, he’s also given us a few gems. This is my top three:

At number three, we have:

“On the subject of my commitment, let me tell you one thing – in the past this club has had approaches from other clubs for the manager.

“They wanted to speak to the manager – and this club denied them permission.”

Talking about yourself in the third person: an early sign of delusional behaviour, schizophrenia…or just being a bit of a prat.

At number two we have a quote from BBC story misleadingly titled “Davies quells Forest

Billy relaxing in the park during his three days a week off

rift rumours”:

“When anybody talks about the manager’s conduct I am very happy with the conversations I’ve had with the board…If people have a concern then I am very happy to bring my lawyer and discuss it.”

Obviously no rift there then. Thanks for clearing that up Billy.

And slam-dunking in at number one (as Mark and Lard would say), we have this:

“I am not here to moan. Derby fans will say he* is moaning again, I suppose.

“But at Derby, after we had gone up, did I not say that we needed to spend £25m in the first window and £50m in the second window?

“It is not a moan, it was my advice.”

(*note the use of third person again)

So Silly wanted us to spend £75 million after getting promoted, presumably anything less and it wouldn’t be his fault. Did he want to turn us into Portsmouth without the Cup finals and Europe? Who exactly would give us £75m to throw around?

At least we know we still have a place in his heart and are obviously still in his thoughts. For the record Billy, Derby fans are saying “he is moaning again”. The problem is that Forest fans are as well if the Notts Post comments are anything to go by.


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