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Postcard from the Netherlands

I’m currently in Holland on a mini football tour with my sons Sunday team. So, as a break from standard Rams commentary, here’s a little insight into how the Dutch roll in terms of their local football. Read the rest of this entry

Looking good for the future

Buried deep amongst the TV schedule over the weekend was an unexpected treat for Rams fans – the U18s away to Liverpool on LTV. Not having the facilities myself, I got my Dad to record it and enjoyed viewing the 3-2 victory this afternoon. If you’re quick, it might still be available as I noticed it was still on rotation during the day. With the first team squad away, an almost identical line-up got the same result at Chesterfield reserves in the week. Callum Ball was the most senior player involved in either match and scored 4 of the 6 Rams goals. Read the rest of this entry