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Derby Youth Cup Win Post Match Thoughts

It’s job swap month at Ramspace, so following SSpaceram’s recent barometer herewith my thoughts on tonight’s 3-2 win over Ipswich in the FA Youth Cup at a bitterly cold Pride Park.

If you want a match report, you can get that from the DET or the official site, but here are some general thoughts. Read the rest of this entry

Time To Shuffle The Pack

Over the last few weeks I’ve been on a fair few festive socials with family and friends. As ever, 80% of the conversation generally revolves around the Rams and the day to day goings on at Pride Park.

Whilst it’s often all too tempting to tweet odd thoughts or a stream of consciousness, here’s a more structured summary of some of the things we’ve been knocking about to move Derby forward again to the elusive “next level”. Read the rest of this entry

Rams Barometer – International Break October 2012

We’ve now reached the second international break of the season and the first 10 games of season 2012/13 are done and dusted.

As everyone’s opinions on this season’s vintage of DCFC become more formulated, it seems like a good time to do our second Barometer of the season. Feel free to continue the current trend of adding your own comments to the piece. Read the rest of this entry

New Season Derby County Barometer

So the summer breaks over and normal life resumes again with the visit of Sheffield Wednesday this weekend. If the Scunthorpe games any sort of pointer we are set for another rollercoaster season, but then would you expect anything else with the Rams?

However before we get into the real action, herewith our usual Barometer of what’s been Good & Bad (&Ugly) in the world of DCFC this summer. Read the rest of this entry

Oh No, Will Hughes Killed Bails!

One regular topic of conversation amongst Rams fans over the last six months has been where did it all go wrong for James Bailey?

Nigel pretty much excluded him from the first team picture in February and has openly touted him for transfer all summer. For a player who was our young player of the year just over 12 months ago, this never quite stacked up. Read the rest of this entry

Post Match Thoughts – Portsmouth

Over the last “few” years my dad has developed a catch phrase to sum up most of the away trips we do which generally goes “it was a superb day out, apart from the 90 minutes in the middle”.

This weekend I spent a cracking couple of days down on the south coast with friends and family for the Portsmouth game and it’s got to be a sign of genuine progress that, for the second away trip in succession, the match was again the high point as opposed to a downer on the day. Herewith some thoughts on the day’s events. Read the rest of this entry