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Forest Post Match Barometer

Regular readers of Ramspace will be well aware of our barometer concept whereby we list out some good and not so good things about the world of DCFC.

Thus with everyone writing their views on yesterdays monumental win against Forest, we thought we’d twist our usual post match thoughts piece with a quick-fire barometer. As you’d expect there aren’t many downsides to a result like this. So in no particular order:- Read the rest of this entry

Cywka-gate Poll

It’s been yet another turbulent few days in DCFC land with Clough’s Cywka rant the main focus of attention. Even many pro-Clough fans have seen this as a step too far and goodwill seems to be ebbing away. I wondered if Clough may say it “heat of the moment stuff” but instead we have a statement from Tomasz on the official club site (helpfully reprinted by the DET) in which he says he has no problem with Clough’s comments. At least if Tomasz’s football career doesn’t work out, he’ll soon find work in a press office judging by his language and prose.

Read the rest of this entry