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Departure Lounge – Paul Green

The ginger haired midfielder had a mixed Rams career, not helped by injury. He never quite scored or provided as many goals as promised and after beginning as a dynamic central midfielder, he ended filling a wide role, not his preferred position. Despite being an international and being linked with top flight clubs, he finally left for nothing to join a mediocre Championship side after a deceptively long stay. But enough about Stephen Pearson, here’s Paul Green’s Departure Lounge… Read the rest of this entry

Post Match Thoughts – Portsmouth

Over the last “few” years my dad has developed a catch phrase to sum up most of the away trips we do which generally goes “it was a superb day out, apart from the 90 minutes in the middle”.

This weekend I spent a cracking couple of days down on the south coast with friends and family for the Portsmouth game and it’s got to be a sign of genuine progress that, for the second away trip in succession, the match was again the high point as opposed to a downer on the day. Herewith some thoughts on the day’s events. Read the rest of this entry

Contractual Obligations

Amongst many conversations we had whilst watching the Palace game in town Friday was around which Rams players are out of contract this summer.

Clearly some have been well documented such as Greeny, Leacock, Pearo, Bywater etc. However when you start looking at it, it’s potentially quite a list! Read the rest of this entry

Rams Restructuring

With Nigel’s recent comments that the squad will be seriously shaken up this summer and Tom Glick’s more recent, “no signings, no season tickets” pledge, there is no doubt there are several members of the current squad who are now “at risk”.
With only 6 weeks and 8 games left for several players to “re-apply” for their jobs, here’s our verdict.

Derby Rumours Thus Far

I don’t really feel too inspired to write a lot about today’s game against Millwall, although we didn’t lose and we did keep a clean sheet against a very tough and in form team.

Our next two league fixtures are Watford away and Forest at home and I think we’d all agree a few tweaks to our squad  wouldn’t go amiss prior to those fixtures. Read the rest of this entry

Post Match Stoke thoughts

I went to the Stoke game the other night and was overall pretty impresses by what I saw. Accepting that the ‘senior spine’ of our team were missing in Hulse, Sav and Barker, the Rams controlled the game with long periods of possession and this new formation has got definite potential.

Nigel has spoken since he joined us about having a young and hungry squad and it really felt like that was the case on Tuesday.  The players, looked fit, enthusiastic and like they wanted the ball constantly – when was the last time you could say that about a Rams team ?

Also respect to Adidas. After my various recent moans about how boring our kit launches were nowadays, they dropped a genuine bomb with the new Baiano away remodel. To my mind one of our best away kits ever (the Kitson Columbia obviously being the best). 

Here’s a run down on the Players involved on Tuesday :-

Bywater – Not a lot to do but solid enough. The key point was that he short passed or threw everything, even to the point of a couple of dodgy central roll outs to under pressure midfielders. He did this too often for it not to be policy.

Brayford – He looks really good so far. Mobile, good on the ball and aggressive. A definite improvement on Nicky Hunt and incomparable to Conners.

Roberts – He was ok without looking anything special. However in fairness to him, he was up against two monsters in Delap and Huth with no out and out wide left midfielder to back him up.

Leacock – Same Old. Looked absolute quality at times, gave away a coupe of silly passes, went off with a knock!

Anderson – This guy is fucking nails! Had a great game under typical Stoke physical approach. Took one absolute screamer in the ribs from 5 yards and didn’t even flinch! He will get better and better and is definitely the man to partner Barks.

Paul Green – Not sure if it was the younger players around him or his time with Eire, but he seems to have grown in stature. Had loads of the ball and looked a class act. Hopefully he will be even better if we get him in the from three.

James Bailey – Make no mistake, this guys not here for the development squad. He probably enjoyed more of the ball than any other player on the pitch and looked real quality. A potential playmaker who could prove to be a snip.

Kris Commons – In truth, he was a bit out of sorts but his cross from the goal was fit to grace any game. Also pulled one golden dummy which left two Stoke defenders grounded with a drop of the shoulder. Genuine quality.

Connor Doyle – Drifted in and out of the game but showed the odd glimpse of the quality Nigel has obviously seen. He probably IS one for the development squad and certainly looks worth a 2 year punt.

Cywka – Whats not to like about this guy? Fast, Skillful, mega will to win and seems like he loves playing for DCFC. I tweeted recently he could be a real star for us this year and I don’t see any reason to change that view on this showing.

Ports – Classic Porter performance. Drifted in and out of the game and wasn’t involved in too much link play. However he got one good chance and absolutely buried it. If your striker is paid to score goals, then there’s a big shout for Ports to get the nod over Hulse. 

Roll on August 7th.

C Spaceram

Congrats to Greeny

“Hi? Is that Steve Bruce? Tom Glick here, er, cough, er, you know when we said £1m for Greeny we, er, kinda like, actually meant £5m. Cough, er, is that like, ok?”

Well done Greeny. Great to see a Ram on the international stage again. To play so well and score was awesome.