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A Partridge Blasted out a Tree

When I’m writing pieces for Ramspace, I often search for photos or images to fit the article I’m writing. However sometimes you stumble across an image and really don’t know what to do with it, as the comedic value is almost too much. Read the rest of this entry

The Eust Forest Wonder Strike

I don’t often do “quick-posts”, but after seeing this beauty on Twitter earlier today it had to be done.



Derby County – New Season Barometer 2014

With the new season starting tomorrow, it’s been an absolute rollercoaster summer with a real crescendo this week of two new signings and all manner of insanity going off at the other end of the A52.

I’m off on holiday tomorrow, so what better way to pull it all together than the old Skool classic that is the Ramspace New Season Barometer. Read the rest of this entry

The Evil Down The Road

On Saturday the Rams entertain our neighbours and local rivals Nottingham Forest at the Ipro Stadium.

With both clubs (at the time of writing) sitting in the top 6 of the Championship with 10 games to play, local rivalry aside, the fixture has not had as much genuine significance for years.

Read the rest of this entry

Derby County Barometer – March 2014

Friends, it’s been a while. February was a fantastic month for DCFC but a quiet one for Ramspace.

There’s enough folks doing pre and post match game stuff now, so here we go back with a bang and the old Skool classic that is the Ramspace barometer.

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Forest for Free

One amusing sideshow of the last few years has been the general catastrophic mis-management of transfer dealings and contract renewals at our dear neighbours Notts Forest.

Consistently within the last 5 years Forest have lost key players on Bosman’s, with Lewis McGugan being this years million pound transfer fee going down the toilet. Read the rest of this entry

The Dark Knight Rises

Since the beginning of their tenure, the Al Hawasi family have generally done a great job of dragging the name of Notts Forest through the mud and making the club a laughing stock around the football world at large. Read the rest of this entry

Forest’s Dirty Dozen

The summer saw Forest yet again throw money around to assemble their latest crop of mercenaries and hired guns. Going against all theories of good financial management in football, the Red Dogs have managed to find a group who are almost all on a downward trajectory in their career and on premium wages with little resale value. Up to half the team at any one time are borrowed. The policy left them in financial tatters last year but instead of learning, they’ve just found some other mugs to bankroll it.

Here’s our introduction to this summers Dirty Dozen of new signings. Read the rest of this entry

DCFC Barometer

It’s been ages since we’ve done one of these, so a new Barometer is well overdue.

Thus before we get into the summer and the transfer rumour mill winds back up into gear, here’s my view of what currently hot and what’s currently not in the world of Derby County. Read the rest of this entry

It’s Bucko time!

We’ve had a bit of an in joke amongst our gang over the last few weeks of “Bucko time” or “Bucko o’clock”. This was in reference to Clough’s recent liking for regularly bringing Jake on around the 80 minute mark to see out games.

There’s no doubt that, after the outright glory of his winner last night, “Bucko time” will never be the same again! Here’s my thoughts on last nights proceedings. Read the rest of this entry