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What we’re talking about – February

With the transfer window closed, a surprising leap in the league table and the Forest soap opera/ slapstick comedy rumbling on, here’s what we’re currently debating…

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Season Crossroads

After Saturdays spirit crushing surrender to Blackburn in the FA Cup, it’s no surprise to hear many Rams fans again questioning Clough and where exactly out team and club are heading.

We are now out of both cups. Realistically, we can’t go up, we can’t go down and we’ve even concluded our business with the Red Dogs for another season, so I can’t be the only Rams fan who, right now, is looking forward more to watching Chanderpaul lead Derbyshire’s division 1 campaign than I am Huddersfield at home on Saturday. Read the rest of this entry

Post Match Bullets – Peterborough

“Bad day at the office” is  phrase often used in football, but it doesn’t even come close to describing the events at London Road yesterday. Maybe turning up to work feeling good and accidentally burning the place down might be a better analogy.

Similar to Huddersfield, the Rams arrived feeling confident and with a big support behind them only to self destruct against enthusiastic but inferior opposition. Here’s my thoughts on yesterday’s fiasco. Read the rest of this entry

Moving Forward or More of the Same?

Rather than do a direct post match thoughts (Nathan, our lawyers will be in touch) from yesterdays frustrating defeat to Burnley, with eight games gone (including Scunthorpe), I thought it would be more interesting to discuss some general early thoughts on the Rams prospects of success this year. Read the rest of this entry

Ramspace bits and bobs

With the international break with us and the transfer window closed, here are a few bits and pieces that we’ve been talking about. Read the rest of this entry

Oh No, Will Hughes Killed Bails!

One regular topic of conversation amongst Rams fans over the last six months has been where did it all go wrong for James Bailey?

Nigel pretty much excluded him from the first team picture in February and has openly touted him for transfer all summer. For a player who was our young player of the year just over 12 months ago, this never quite stacked up. Read the rest of this entry

What’s on our mind

There’s so much to talk about in pre-season that sometimes 140 characters just aren’t enough for the cerebral readers of Ramspace. So, take a few minutes to ponder some of the issues of the day with us as we share our thoughts. Pour yourself a coffee, cup of tea, or crack open a Polish lager in the back of your mates car…

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Post Match Thoughts – Mansfield

Last night, along with just over 1000 other Rams fans, a few of us went up to Mansfield for the first friendly of the season.

Whilst the game was clearly a ‘loosener’, with Clough subbing the whole team at half time, herewith a few points of note from last nights action. Read the rest of this entry

Reasons Undisclosed

Following the glorious signing of Richard Keogh from Coventry last week, the phrase ‘a weeks a long time in football’ has never been so apt.

Whilst the signing of Keogh is obviously great news and a massive boost for everyone (Keogh choosing us over Cardiff & Leeds, paying a decent fee, Shackell suitably replaced), the loose detail we have around the deal raises more questions than it answers about the sale of Shackell. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Maguire – A Case for the Defence

Last week Chris Maguire finally completed his widely predicted move away from Derby to Sheffield Wednesday. With little or no significant show of feeling from the Rams fanbase, the transfer, like his short Derby career ending up being a bit of a non event.

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