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The Curious Case of Saul Deeney

Football is such now that the concept of the long serving player is petty much defunct. The Bosman rule and increasingly tighter budgets in all levels of football means that players will either move on for a better deal or get moved off the payroll long before many of them could even spell the word testimonial.

Derby County are no different and thus there is not one single player (academy graduates excluded) who has been here longer than our manager. However when you look at our long servers, you might be surprised to find Saul Deeney pretty much at the top of the list and about to start his 5th (fifth!!) season at Pride Park. Read the rest of this entry

Lame Academy (excerpt from Who’s Pereplotkins?)

In 2008/9, we were as concerned as Nigel about the lack of young players coming through to play for the Rams. Concerned enough to close the book Who’s Pereplotkins – and other tales from Derby County’s 2008/9 season with a passage about the dire state of our youth development. Here it is (I have to say, I was on the ball a few years ago!)…

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Ramspace Readers Poll(s)

Unbelievably its day 16 of “30 days of Ramspace”. Thanks everyone for all the comments and tweets; they’re all appreciated and definitely make the site more interesting. Next weeks articles are already in the can, so don’t worry about any let up from us!

A bit of Friday fun here for you in the form of a series of Rams related polls. Make your vote and log back later to see how the results are building up. Read the rest of this entry

Only the loan-ees

Contrast this season to when Nigel Clough first arrived and the loan stats have swung massively. Not only were we reluctant to bring anyone in this year but we also used the system to get players out. Did you realise that the Rams loaned 12 players out (unless I’ve missed someone) across the season? Who’d have thought our squad could afford such a luxury?

For the senior players, this was generally for one of two reasons – 1) to get some games and prove something or 2) because they were “not part of the plans”. Unfortunately, several players moved from the former to the latter category as success varied from “didn’t work out” to “outright disaster”. Here we look at our very own dirty dozen… Read the rest of this entry

The Rams according to Boab – Part 2

Following on from yesterday, herewith the second part of Boab’s view of DCFC.

This time he’s moving onto the off field management of our club. Read the rest of this entry

The Boys from the Blacklist

One of the constant trends of Nigel Clough’s tenure at Derby has been his penchant for blacklisting members of his squad.

Players who have previously been key or widely accepted as “a good prospect” are, often from nowhere, simply bombed out of the first team picture (or in some cases quite literally sent to Coventry) with maximum prejudice; until time as their contract expires or we can get rid by other means. Read the rest of this entry

Dear John……..

One of the reasons we decided to take on the challenge of “30 days” was that we knew new stories would come up during the period which we could add to our stockpile.

Today Clough has spoken about positive discussions with Bryson about a new deal, but caveated that with the comment that John Brayford “will probably want to have a little look and see what is out there”. No prizes for guessing whats going to happen next. Read the rest of this entry

Post-match thoughts – Blackburn

This season, the usual story away from home has been that we’ve dominated games and not won, been unlucky, not helped ourselves etc. etc, repeat until fade…

Some of the above applies to the Blackburn game but watching it all unfold was disappointing to say the least. Here’s my thoughts on what went wrong… Read the rest of this entry

Barometer – Easter 2013

I was hoping to post this in the international break but didn’t quite get to it amongst work and sorting out my forthcoming birthday celebrations.

However, better late than never, herewith our latest barometer of the latest happenings aboard the good ship Derby County. Read the rest of this entry

It’s great to rotate…yeah!

A few weeks ago the season looked like it was fizzling out. Suddenly, for all the wrong reasons, it has become interesting again with plenty of views on what’s gone wrong and two main theories: 1) lack of depth in the squad 2) lack of experience in the squad. To add to the noise, here’s my theory – poor use of the squad. Yes, things are easy in hindsight but here goes…

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