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The Word on the Street

Following the glory of 30 days of ramspace, we were taking, what I thought, was a well deserved rest. However some of you lot have clearly been missing your ramspace fix!

Thus, with a few Rams snippets floating around, I thought it was time to get back involved. Here’s a few thoughts on the current rams news doing the rounds.

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Only the loan-ees

Contrast this season to when Nigel Clough first arrived and the loan stats have swung massively. Not only were we reluctant to bring anyone in this year but we also used the system to get players out. Did you realise that the Rams loaned 12 players out (unless I’ve missed someone) across the season? Who’d have thought our squad could afford such a luxury?

For the senior players, this was generally for one of two reasons – 1) to get some games and prove something or 2) because they were “not part of the plans”. Unfortunately, several players moved from the former to the latter category as success varied from “didn’t work out” to “outright disaster”. Here we look at our very own dirty dozen… Read the rest of this entry

Time To Shuffle The Pack

Over the last few weeks I’ve been on a fair few festive socials with family and friends. As ever, 80% of the conversation generally revolves around the Rams and the day to day goings on at Pride Park.

Whilst it’s often all too tempting to tweet odd thoughts or a stream of consciousness, here’s a more structured summary of some of the things we’ve been knocking about to move Derby forward again to the elusive “next level”. Read the rest of this entry

Rams Barometer – International Break October 2012

We’ve now reached the second international break of the season and the first 10 games of season 2012/13 are done and dusted.

As everyone’s opinions on this season’s vintage of DCFC become more formulated, it seems like a good time to do our second Barometer of the season. Feel free to continue the current trend of adding your own comments to the piece. Read the rest of this entry

Rams vs. Brighton & Hove Albion preview

We were asked to do a short preview of Tuesday’s match for the Brighton programme. Instead of the usual “who’s your best player?” type of questionnaire, it asked some good questions. I don’t know how much will actually appear in the matchday mag but here is the unabridged version (written before Donny but I don’t think it would alter the answers too much):

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The Next Level

I didn’t go to Ipswich on Saturday, but the post match comment and general feedback was that the Rams were unfortunate not to take something from the game. Again.

Cant fault the players, punished for half mistake, Frank had little to do, if we’d have scored first/when we were on top (delete as appropriate), plenty of positives, deserved something from the game are all things we’ve heard regularly this season after losing to below average opposition. However you get no points for any of that last time I checked. Read the rest of this entry

Latest Rams News – General Commentary

Although, we are now less than a month from pre-season training there has hardly been a single day this summer break, where there’s not been some form of Rams related news or development.  

Without doubt this has reached a crescendo over the last couple of weeks so, whilst all or most of these could have been articles in their own right, herewith some thoughts on recent events.

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