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The Jason Shackell sale

I wouldn’t say the sale of Jason Shackell has divided opinion – I think almost everyone wanted him to stay. People have tried to rationalise it and some are reserving judgement until all our business is concluded; but there is no doubt it hurts to sell your captain for what appears to be a modest fee.

To me, there are several details of the whole saga that don’t quite add up, or at least have explanations that aren’t public knowledge.

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Ramspace Survey – Results are in

The results are in for our first readers survey. It’s the first one we’ve done and although the questions could have been a bit better (!), we had a great response with 61 replies. Over the years, we’ve learnt that Ramspace readers are an intelligent bunch and although opinions may differ, the sample is good. Here’s what Ramspace readers think of the 2011/2 season… Read the rest of this entry

Post Match Thoughts – Hull City

Yesterday’s game against Hull was the sort of day which has become, unfortunately, only too familiar to Rams fans over the last few years.

A big crowd turn out expecting to see the Rams roll over some average opposition, only for the team not to turn up and make said opposition look like Barcelona, prior to wildly celebrating the most comfortable away day they’ll have all season.

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Where Did It All Go Right?

After Saturdays comprehensive and utterly professional victory over Donny, even the most negative of Rams fans are starting to think that after 2 1/2 years of trying, Nigel might finally be on to something.

Obviously it’s still very early days, but there is a definite different feel about this Rams team, which gives the impression we wont be rolling over for anyone, anytime soon. So what’s changed?

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New Boys – Jason Shackell – Part 2

Herewith a further, more comprehensive, Shackell piece from WILKY from the “Barnsley FC Blog | On The Ponty End

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New Boys – Jason Shackell – Part 1

So after weeks of speculation Jason Shackell is now finally on board. On the basis that a £1m player is a big thing for DCFC nowadays, we thought we’d better do some top level due diligence. Herewith Part 1 of our usual New Boys stuff for Jason. Read the rest of this entry