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6th – The Nowhere Men

Whilst Paul Clement talks a lot about “the squad” and tactical flexibility, it’s very clear he now knows his strongest team and his favoured formation.

The associated positive results have subsequently resulted in a gang of very senior players who are simply not getting a look in. Read the rest of this entry

Post Match Bullets – Chelsea

For the most part last night, I really enjoyed the game and thought The Rams gave a more than good account of themselves.

It was an absolute travesty that, at the exact point we had them wobbling, the officials took it away from us. Anyway here’s a few quick thoughts on the proceedings. Read the rest of this entry

High Five, Five Star, Five Alive etc etc

Well its the fifth of December today so what else did you expect me to post?

It’s also Friday so, before you do any work, make yourself a brew, order your breakfast cob off the girl in accounts, take five (sorry) and lap up one of the best day of the year/ever.

Get in you Super Rams! Enjoy. Read the rest of this entry

Bad Arrows at Brentford

Listening to yesterday’s late defeat to Brentford was like a really uncomfortable flashback to the innumerable away defeats to inferior clubs we endured under the Clough years.

The Rams off to a great start, lose the initiative, concede a soft equaliser either side of half time then just as the game is drifting to a draw, from nowhere, we concede a late goal and lose.

I wasn’t at the game but here’s a couple of points. Read the rest of this entry

Derby County Barometer – March 2014

Friends, it’s been a while. February was a fantastic month for DCFC but a quiet one for Ramspace.

There’s enough folks doing pre and post match game stuff now, so here we go back with a bang and the old Skool classic that is the Ramspace barometer.

Read the rest of this entry

It’s Bucko time!

We’ve had a bit of an in joke amongst our gang over the last few weeks of “Bucko time” or “Bucko o’clock”. This was in reference to Clough’s recent liking for regularly bringing Jake on around the 80 minute mark to see out games.

There’s no doubt that, after the outright glory of his winner last night, “Bucko time” will never be the same again! Here’s my thoughts on last nights proceedings. Read the rest of this entry

Rams Restructuring

With Nigel’s recent comments that the squad will be seriously shaken up this summer and Tom Glick’s more recent, “no signings, no season tickets” pledge, there is no doubt there are several members of the current squad who are now “at risk”.
With only 6 weeks and 8 games left for several players to “re-apply” for their jobs, here’s our verdict.

Non-League Nigel Part Two – Jake Buxton

The original plan for Jake was to be a squad man for cover. He was given a one-year contract and was given the chance to try and force his way into the first team squad.

Jake - about to put a Forest player on his arse

However, due to injuries, he was in the starting line-up for the first game of the season and went to start 24 matches – it might have been more had he not suffered injuries himself. Read the rest of this entry