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Spoof ad

Have a look at this before it goes:

If the Notts Post realise they’ve been had and take it down, the text reads:

LEAD BELONGING TO DOG (RED) Lost in West Bridgford area about 14:30, Sat 17th. Priceless sentimental value. Tel: 01332 121212 or 01332 121212

(Thanks to Simon for this)

Forest Post Match Barometer

Regular readers of Ramspace will be well aware of our barometer concept whereby we list out some good and not so good things about the world of DCFC.

Thus with everyone writing their views on yesterdays monumental win against Forest, we thought we’d twist our usual post match thoughts piece with a quick-fire barometer. As you’d expect there aren’t many downsides to a result like this. So in no particular order:- Read the rest of this entry

New Season Barometer

So here we go again for another season of thrills and spills as we all, once again, throw our personal happiness and general well-being at the mercy of Derby County F.C.

As all regular readers will know a new season wouldn’t be a new season without a Ramspace Barometer so here’s one I wrote in the Cyprus sunshine last week.

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After a disappointing season, sometimes the only salvation is other peoples misery. Or more specifically, that of another club. Even more specifically – Forest. I’m sure they will sneer at us, given the league positions. But did they hold back when we were in the Prem and they were in League 1? Judging by the number of hits on the site after the Red Dogs most recent debacle, I’m guessing that some comment wouldn’t go amiss. See here goes. Some comments and observations in no particular order… Read the rest of this entry

Come on you Swans!

Good Luck to all at Swansea City for tonights game. Lets get this over the line and send the Red Dogs into meltdown.

Pre-Forest Build Up

Around this time last year I remember writing a piece in the build-up to the Forest match. The Rams had had an awful Christmas, followed by a 1-4 defeat to Scunthorpe and a couple of scrappy, better results. Forest were on the crest of a wave, unbeaten away all season and had recently been hammered West Brom away. I was dreading the game and would have taken a point any day.

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The subject of money, spending, investment etc. is never far away from the Rams and has again been a common talking point during the recent transfer window. Over spending is the accepted norm for the vast majority of football clubs and indeed an expectation from even the most rational of fans. Only last season I remember seeing a Rams article where the writer bemoaned that our “billionaire owners wouldn’t pay for a Fulham reserve full-back [Freddie Stoor]” (or words to the effect). Turn the comment on its head and the fact is that even seemingly level-headed fans expect the club to go over budget on a temporary full-back in a season we were clearly going neither up nor down. The crazy world of football, eh?

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Superstar DJ, Here We Go !!!!!

Five thoughts on this week’s fantastic action at the City Ground:-

1) Watching as a neutral you’d have thought a Blackpool goal was coming for long periods before it did. As a seasoned viewer of teams managed by Billy Davies, the game seemed to be reverting to type. That is, Billy’s team get largely outplayed by a better side but stay organised, ride their luck and pinch the win. Which leads nicely to.

2) Lee Camp – In 2004/2005 Campy had had a fantastic season for the Rams only to drop a pivotal howler in injury time of the 1st leg defeat at PNE. Most Rams fans would say he was never the same after this and it was definitely the start of the end of his Rams career. Lets see how he reacts to gifting Blackpool their opener last night. History repeating would be nice.

3) Why did Skysports constantly refer to the 28,000 crowd as ‘huge’? As all Rams fans will know, this is derisory.

4) There is no doubt that our victory over the Red Dogs completely de-railed their season. Undefeated away from home up to that point, only 2 points scored thereafter on their travels. Couple this with Billy’s ludicrous “Clough kicked me” allegations and the feel bad factor around their lack of January spend and its a fact it all went wrong from Rob Hulse’s glorious header onwards.

5) No disrespect to Barks, but DJ Campbell needs to ask for a re-count on our player of the year vote.  He’d walk it!

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