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The Curious Case of Conor Doyle

I won’t say I was surprised to see that Conor Doyle had been given a contract extension with The Rams – as I’d heard a hint he would – but I did wonder why. However, I’m not about to put the boot into Doyle but wonder what Clough has in mind for the young-ish American.

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In Reserve

Moving swiftly on from the Doncaster debacle, a few of us decided to use a bit of flexi-time and take in the reserves v. Sheff. Wednesday in Belper this afternoon. We used to watch the reserves a lot in our younger days and its always good to see some of the young players and outcasts stretching their legs. The Rams won 2-0 against a very young Wednesday side (the majority weren’t even shaving yet – that’s no┬áexaggeration) and although it could and should have been 5 or 6, it wasn’t the most slick performance. Here’s some thoughts and observations:

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