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Carry On Nigel, Your Time Is Not Up

Due to a combination of work pressures and newborn baby responsibilities, we’ve taken a small international break ourselves over the last few weeks. However it’s high time we got back in the game, so here’s some thoughts on today’s news that Nigel has signed a new 3 1/2 year contract with the Rams.

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Post Match Thoughts – Coventry

Did we think that promotion was in the bag after our 4 in a row? Do we think we are going into meltdown now we’ve lost 2 games? The obvious answer to both questions is no. However you wouldn’t think so based on some of the stuff I’ve read and heard in the last few weeks.

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World Soccer – DCFC season preview

As a quick post, herewith a sneak preview of our unedited contribution to next months World Soccer magazine, season preview supplement.

Just to be clear, the questions are generic and the idea is that you answer in around two sentences. Thus there’s not too much scope to wax lyrical.

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You The Jury – Nigel Clough

After a brief renaissance which just about secured our Championship status, the season looks to be ending on a very dismal note, with only a daunting trip to Reading standing between us and 4 straight defeats.

Despite threats of mass changes and significant transfer investment, many fans are once again suggesting that Nigel Clough is not the man to take us forward.  Take our test and see if you’re one of them.

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Departure Lounge – Kris Commons

At the beginning of the week, I had a text exchange with my brother which basically said “Rangers offering £500k for Commons, if they nudge it up a bit, I’ll be happy with that” the reply suggested we should hold out for more. It seems Rangers did offer £500k plus add-on’s but the eventual fee we’ll receive is widely quoted as somewhere around £300k. A fraction of what most fans thought he was worth but did we have a choice?

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Nice Problems To Have

Following the recent minor hiccup in results and, relative, loss of momentum, it struck me that the Rams have one or two issues on the table at the moment. However it also struck me that the current issues of the day are of a significantly different type to recent history. Read the rest of this entry

Post Match Thoughts – Burnley

I’ve waited 24 hours to avoid a bitter four letter tirade against Mears and Laws (for the record, neither did anything particularly offensive yesterday, I just hate them both). But if you can bear to remind yourself of yesterday’s gutting defeat at Burnley, here’s my thoughts. Read the rest of this entry

Watford – Post Match Thoughts

Another Saturday home game, another hammering dished out. Its great to be a Derby fan at the moment and when was the last time you thought that?

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Post Match Thoughts – Donny Away

Last night I went to watch the Rams batter Donny and I’m still buzzing. For those who didn’t go, make no mistake, the scoreline was a travesty and 4-1 or 5-2 would have been a much fairer reflection. Herewith my thoughts:- Read the rest of this entry

Middlesbrough Post match thoughts

Whilst there is a strong argument (and temptation) to cut and paste my Palace post match thoughts here, lets give the Rams second Champagne Supernova performance in 4 days the respect it deserves.

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