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What we’re talking about – February

With the transfer window closed, a surprising leap in the league table and the Forest soap opera/ slapstick comedy rumbling on, here’s what we’re currently debating…

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The Slow Train to the Next Level

Despite putting in a very low quality performance, the Rams were not particularly outplayed by Reading last night. Neither side really deserved to win and it was clear if anyone scored it would be tough for the other side to come back.

However the predictable way the second half panned out, the ease in which Reading saw out the game after their goal and our now established mid table league position has prompted a new round of “where are we going?” type comment and conversation. Read the rest of this entry

Post Match Thoughts – Bristol City

A win’s a win’s a win and, by crikey, did the Super Rams need that one yesterday!

Herewith my thoughts on yesterdays ‘save our season’ win over Brizzle City. Read the rest of this entry

Where Did It All Go Right?

After Saturdays comprehensive and utterly professional victory over Donny, even the most negative of Rams fans are starting to think that after 2 1/2 years of trying, Nigel might finally be on to something.

Obviously it’s still very early days, but there is a definite different feel about this Rams team, which gives the impression we wont be rolling over for anyone, anytime soon. So what’s changed?

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Ben Davies Free Kick at Burton

Great video of Ben Davies free kick at Burton, if you haven’t seen it yet.

More please Ben.