Derby’s Number Nine

Today the Rams take on Norwich in what has now become a really big game. As I said after Chelsea, Steve talks about performances but today we need 3 points end of.

Today’s game is also a big one for our centre forward who I have no doubt has been counting the days to get amongst the Canaries.
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Five Awful Rams Strikers

Last week, when I posted the Boys from Espana post, I made the comment that DCFC had not had many Spanish players but the one’s we’d had, had all been great.

This sweeping statement led one smart alec (that’s you indiepop Rob) to quickly remind me of Manel. In fairness both SSpaceram and I both recall him doing a job at a time of need. That said we soon thought of a few other strikers who certainly didn’t come up to scratch. Read this list and weep. Read the rest of this entry

Rams in Scotland

The Rams Scottish contingent has had plenty of press this season but it’s not all one-way traffic you know.

As a regular viewer of Sportscene, I’ve noted almost a full team of ex-Rams (and one current Ram) plying their trade north of the border. I can think of 9 straight away: 3 at Motherwell, 2 at St. Mirren and one each at Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen and St. Johnstone. See how many you get can without checking Wikipedia.
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Post Match Bullets – Chelsea

For the most part last night, I really enjoyed the game and thought The Rams gave a more than good account of themselves.

It was an absolute travesty that, at the exact point we had them wobbling, the officials took it away from us. Anyway here’s a few quick thoughts on the proceedings. Read the rest of this entry

Derby County Big Heads

A fair few years ago in the days BC (before children) I went through a period of collecting Corinthian football figures (sometimes known as Big Head figures), which have recently since been re-launched as Soccer Starz.

As great fun as it was buying obscure Ajax players online, what I really wanted was some DCFC figures.

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The Baseball Ground……and Friends

For those who had the pleasure of regularly attending games at The Baseball Ground, you don’t need me to tell you what a magical place it was.

Everyone has their own memories of particular games, where they parked (Rolls Royce for us then a stroll down the minefield that what dogshit Alley), the pubs, the Ramtique etc. It seems now an entirely different world to that in which we watch Derby County today. Read the rest of this entry

Goodwill To All Men…….Apart From This Guy

I don’t think anyone wants to read anymore about yesterdays surrender at Boro, so at this time of year it’s always nice to take a moment and spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves. Perhaps those who are currently out of work and maybe those who are almost unemployable.

That said, if the individual in question has only himself to blame for his predicament due to an insane, maniacal, self obsession and has caused you deep mental strain for several years – you may as well boot him when he’s down.

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Patrick Bamford – Respect

Today the Rams take on Middlesbrough in a cracking pre-Christmas top of the table clash at the Riverside.

Adding an extra twist on an already interesting fixture is the presence of Patrick Bamford  in the Boro forward line. Read the rest of this entry

Trainspotting with Johnny Russell

With his ever growing hair & beard, increasing array of tattoos and fundamental Scottishness, my brother commented after the Brighton game that “Johnny Russell looks more like a character from an Irvine Welsh film (or book) every time I see him.”

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From Russia With Not So Much Love

Sam Rush has said many times that one of the key reasons Derby can attract such top youngsters is that our Head Coach is viewed by Elite managers/coaches as being one of their club.

No doubt there will be lots of mutual appreciation going on between Mourinho and Steve next week (unless of course we happen to beat them, then it will get awkward quite quick!) and Brendan Rogers also speaks well of us.

This guy though maybe needs some advice from Steve, more than we need him.

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