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Come on you Swans!

Good Luck to all at Swansea City for tonights game. Lets get this over the line and send the Red Dogs into meltdown.


It’s been a little quiet on Ramspace over the past couple of weeks for a few reasons – one of these is that I’ve been publishing a Notts County book (just the publishing not the writing). Based around the “Sven” season, its a great piece of work and backed by the club itself. We’re not releasing it properly until after footie season has finished but its going to be available from the Notts County club shop from Saturday 16th April. Its also available on-line from and, so if you know any Notts Co. fans, give them a nudge.

Click here for an article on the book from the official Notts County website

Whats in the News?

If you’re as depressed as us by todays postponement, cheer yourself up with a browse through the papers. If you’ve not seen this, you’ll enjoy it. Silly Billy indeed. Read the rest of this entry

Claude Davis – just gets worse

A reader, Phil, sent us an extract from the Evening Standard about our old pal Claude Davis:

“Claude Davis’s crime sheet is a blot on the Crystal Palace image….. Read the rest of this entry

Carry On Number 33

With all the talk last season of ‘long term plans’, and ‘stability’, one of the things I started following was Nigel’s progress up the longest-serving manager chart.

With the Premier League starting up today and Martin O’Neil’s resignation last week, I thought I’d have quick check on the latest table.

Of the 92 league managers, Nigel is currently the 33rd longest-serving (with Silly, annoyingly, still sitting 1 place above him by 7 days).

Impressively, ex Ram, Paul Trollope is 7th at Bristol Rovers.

We’ll continue to track this throughout the season and it will be interesting to see if Nigel can breach the top 20 come May.

Check out the full list here –

C Spaceram

World Cup Chatter

After both of us have previously had digs at those only interested in football at World Cup time, I can now categorically say that the world (or at least the office) is a far brighter place when everyone is interested in footie. Read the rest of this entry

Club v Country – Part 2 – a corporate view

I’ve got a fair to decent white-collar job with an above average amount of responsibility/pressure. However, like most football enthusiasts, where required, I tend to base the majority of my activities around the Rams fixture list.

Clearly this is not something you can always make public in the corporate world, to avoid claims of lack of commitment or needing to look at your priorities. I remember one very significant out of hours management meeting earlier this year where I pointed out for weeks that “I had something on I couldn’t change”, “any other day, you know I’d stay all night as required” and “I’ve got to be away for 18.30 latest -sorry”. The event in question was the midweek Derby v Newcastle game. Read the rest of this entry

England v USA in Lego

I don’t normally go for these viral things, but this is so clever and funny I thought it was worth a post.


Club versus Country

As I mentioned last week, I watched the England match at a celebration event for The Great Football Giveaway. A lovely house in the idyllic Wiltshire countryside; a stone vessel of Pimms; fridge full of beer; and wine from well above knee-level in the supermarket. To be honest, I don’t think you’d find many of those wines even in the supermarket.

With England leading one nil approaching half-time, the Jackal turned and said “this is just boring isn’t it?” (meaning the match, not the event I must add). Read the rest of this entry

No escaping the World Cup

I didn’t really have the buzz for the World Cup until last week. It might have been the premature flag waving or just too much press about players I have no interest in. All this

Just like Christmas decorations, this sight gets earlier every year

changed with the works sweepstake last week. Someone started an unfounded rumour that I would be organising it and before I knew it, people were asking “is it done yet? when are we having the draw?” It seems someone had to do it and I was the obvious candidate in the eyes of everyone  else. I didn’t argue, like Bucko with a cracked rib, I just steamed in and got on with it. Read the rest of this entry