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28th May Oh Happy day!

Today is the 28th May, so there could only be one thing we could post today.

Sit back and enjoy the best moment in modern Derby County history.

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DCFC Next Gen

Following yesterday’s lament from 2009 about the state of DCFC youth development, we thought it apt to look where we are now. The youth team has been more or less the same for the past two years but this summer, nine second years graduated with the award of a professional contract. Don’t worry though, the next wave are pushing through and next year could be another boom season. Introducing the next generation…

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Lame Academy (excerpt from Who’s Pereplotkins?)

In 2008/9, we were as concerned as Nigel about the lack of young players coming through to play for the Rams. Concerned enough to close the book Who’s Pereplotkins – and other tales from Derby County’s 2008/9 season with a passage about the dire state of our youth development. Here it is (I have to say, I was on the ball a few years ago!)…

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Ramspace Readers Poll(s)

Unbelievably its day 16 of “30 days of Ramspace”. Thanks everyone for all the comments and tweets; they’re all appreciated and definitely make the site more interesting. Next weeks articles are already in the can, so don’t worry about any let up from us!

A bit of Friday fun here for you in the form of a series of Rams related polls. Make your vote and log back later to see how the results are building up. Read the rest of this entry

The Curious Case of Conor Doyle

I won’t say I was surprised to see that Conor Doyle had been given a contract extension with The Rams – as I’d heard a hint he would – but I did wonder why. However, I’m not about to put the boot into Doyle but wonder what Clough has in mind for the young-ish American.

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DCFC Loan Stars

Yesterday, we mentioned that when Nigel first arrived he was a bit over-zealous in the loan market.

Putting that into context, here’s a team full of ex-loanee’s that will leave you thinking “oh yeah, I forgot about him” – at least five times!

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Only the loan-ees

Contrast this season to when Nigel Clough first arrived and the loan stats have swung massively. Not only were we reluctant to bring anyone in this year but we also used the system to get players out. Did you realise that the Rams loaned 12 players out (unless I’ve missed someone) across the season? Who’d have thought our squad could afford such a luxury?

For the senior players, this was generally for one of two reasons – 1) to get some games and prove something or 2) because they were “not part of the plans”. Unfortunately, several players moved from the former to the latter category as success varied from “didn’t work out” to “outright disaster”. Here we look at our very own dirty dozen… Read the rest of this entry

Ramspace Video Broadcast

Heres a first – A Ramspace Video broadcast.

In fairness this was pretty much a trial run to test the technology, thus the concept is massively superior to the content. However i’ve spent so many 69p’s on video apps for my daughter, I thought I might as well get some value.

The next one will be better – if there is a next one – Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry

The Rams according to Boab – Part 2

Following on from yesterday, herewith the second part of Boab’s view of DCFC.

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The Rams according to Boab – Part 1

One of our best friends, Boab (morphed from Bob when we all discovered Irvine Welsh back in the day), has been a Rams season ticket holder for 30 years. Graduating from Key Club to Popside to C Stand at the BBG, he has sat next to me in the West Stand for the entirety of the Pride Park era.

Normally known for his easy going, party lifestyle, just recently he’s been moaning about everything DCFC and has even taken to trolling the club on twitter. I suggested to him that this was not cool and he would be much better having a more structured rant as part of “30 days”.

What I got back was an epic I’ve had to slice into two parts (and could easily have done 3). Thus for the next two days we’re passing the good ship Ramspace into the filthy mitts of Boab. Here we go – Read the rest of this entry