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Barometer – Easter 2013

I was hoping to post this in the international break but didn’t quite get to it amongst work and sorting out my forthcoming birthday celebrations.

However, better late than never, herewith our latest barometer of the latest happenings aboard the good ship Derby County. Read the rest of this entry

January Barometer

It’s usually C Spaceram who does the barometer (and always has done) but just for a one-off, here are the things that are hot and not in my DCFC world…

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Rams Barometer – International Break October 2012

We’ve now reached the second international break of the season and the first 10 games of season 2012/13 are done and dusted.

As everyone’s opinions on this season’s vintage of DCFC become more formulated, it seems like a good time to do our second Barometer of the season. Feel free to continue the current trend of adding your own comments to the piece. Read the rest of this entry

New Season Derby County Barometer

So the summer breaks over and normal life resumes again with the visit of Sheffield Wednesday this weekend. If the Scunthorpe games any sort of pointer we are set for another rollercoaster season, but then would you expect anything else with the Rams?

However before we get into the real action, herewith our usual Barometer of what’s been Good & Bad (&Ugly) in the world of DCFC this summer. Read the rest of this entry

DCFC Barometer

It’s been ages since we’ve done one of these, so a new Barometer is well overdue.

Thus before we get into the summer and the transfer rumour mill winds back up into gear, here’s my view of what currently hot and what’s currently not in the world of Derby County. Read the rest of this entry

New Season Barometer

So here we go again for another season of thrills and spills as we all, once again, throw our personal happiness and general well-being at the mercy of Derby County F.C.

As all regular readers will know a new season wouldn’t be a new season without a Ramspace Barometer so here’s one I wrote in the Cyprus sunshine last week.

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Rams End of Season Barometer

So Billy’s fell at the final hurdle yet again and the season is finally over for the Rams.

Before we get too far into the summer and the revolving doors get into full swing, here’s a brief personal summary of this season’s highs and lows.

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New Season Barometer

Originally stolen from The Face magazine back in the day, the Barometer  has always been one of the most popular parts of our previous sites. Thus I didn’t see any reason not to keep it rolling here.

Leeds Away First Game – Aside from Forest, could there be a bigger start to the season? Leeds first game back up, packed Elland Road, Live on Sky. They’ll be no doubt the seasons started after this humdinger.
4-2-3-1 – “Non League Nigel” proves once agin that he is a far more forward thinking and innovative than his original reputation suggested. Will be interesting to see how this goes in the Jurassic 4-4-2, 4-5-1 world of the Championship.
Robbie Savage – His ever-increasing media profile gets the club’s name out there and raises the profile in a really positive way. His Twitter feed is hilarious as well; get on it.
Kris Commons –
He’s fit, he’s on fire and he’s still a Ram. Regardless of his contract situation, if he’s on the pitch and in the mood for 30+ games, we’re top 8. 
The Grass may not be greener – 
At the time of writing, Rob Hulse is still here and we haven’t got anywhere near signing the much touted big money striker. However if Rob plays a full season at the top of our new pyramid, is there anyone who thinks he won’t score 20 goals minimum?

"...or we could go 3-3-1-2-1? What do you think Andy?" - ".....err Yes Boss"

No big signings – As an opposite viewpoint, we were all expecting a proper big signing and it simply hasn’t materialised. Whether this is a bad thing remains to be seen. Yet you have to wonder why we won’t entertain Tonge’s wages, yet he’s strongly linked with Cardiff and Forest.
Defensive Injuries – 2 weeks to kick off and already we have five injured centre halves! The big picture may not be as bad as all that but we can’t have another year of niggling injuries killing our season.
New Kit – Nice as it all is, am I the only one who’s bored of the Adidas White home, Black Away treadmill? 1 more year to go. 
Steve Davies – I watched a DVD of the Man Utd semi final and the two Forest away wins the other night and he was awesome. As I posted last week, his injury is such a shame and I don’t see him playing for Derby again, in fact I’m not sure he’ll play for anyone professionally for a while.
Billy Davies – Men, this is the face of the enemy. He may be quiet currently, you may have even forgotten about him. Rest assured he’s still there plotting and planning victory for the forces of evil. Stay alert at all times and let’s make sure when we do battle, we send him scurrying back to his lair (again) with maximum prejudice. 

" it me or did he just say I'm playing Centre back?"