Fun in the Sun, Rain, Wind and Hail – Post Match Bristol City

Billed by many as a play off quarter final, yesterday at Bristol was one of those away games you never forget. A massive game, big away support, wall to wall action and a glorious victory for the Super Rams.

Here’s my thoughts on what went down.

The injury to Bryson may have forced his hand, but the re-introduction of Huddlestone was a master stroke by Lampard. The chronic lack of control in the last two games was immediately dealt with and Bradley Johnson was free to maraud around at will, without worrying if Bryson was behind him or 20 years in front of him. The balance with those two (and Mount doing his thing up top) looked much better immediately than anything we’ve seen, well, since Tuddz was dropped.

bristol celebrate

Get in Lads!

You can imagine the communal face palming and gasps of FFS in the Rams end when Tomori went off after 11 minutes. You can equally imagine the less than positive vibes for George Evans jogging on to replace him (what was the point of signing Efe Ambrose was a popular and valid shout). However Evans then shocked everyone by producing a mercurial performance at centre half. Doing the simple things, winning headers, letting Keogh and Johnson do the mad blocks and retaining constant composure. I tweeted last week that individually our defence is superb but as a unit they are a nightmare, maybe this was more power to that theory. Well in George and very well played lad.

There is no doubt that Derby rode their luck at times  but I can’t recall a single big away win I have ever seen The Rams achieve where the opposition didn’t have various near misses. The key in this game was that Derby always looked like they could score on the break. Mount in particular was running riot and his skill for the first goal and general ball retention under pressure was outstanding. Waggy ran his nuts off and caused havoc whilst Wilson and Lawrence, despite other flaws in their game, both have ‘end product’ firmly in their DNA. Great to watch.

Back on the subs, I think most Rams fans would have liked to see Marriott come on for Wilson and Waggy go wide as Bristol pushed on, but Frank really does love Mason Bennett, giving him yet another go after his hapless performance against QPR. Once again the gaffer got it right, as Bizzle treated mini Robins left back Jay Da Silva with the utter contempt you’ve seen him treat 100 U23 full backs over the years – absolutely bullying him from the first moment. You could see the confidence flowing through Mason and we immediately started getting joy down the right which of course led to our fantastic second goal from Bogle. Cue absolute scenes in the Rams end.

frank Lee Johnson

“Unlucky Lee. Sending off was nailed on though wasn’t it.”

Talking on Bogle. What a player he is. Booked early and given a hard time by Patterson at the start, he held his nerve and grew into the game. His energy is unreal and now he is adding regular goals and assists to his game. Regardless of the Rams, he won’t be playing in the Championship next season.

If you are looking at the other teams in the play offs and wondering how on earth Derby can beat any of them, then this game is your template. Bristol City are probably a better unit than Derby and more cohesive at times but we simply had far better players. Yes, we had to defend for periods but when Derby are this good going forward it takes so much pressure off the lads at the back. You will see Waggy head the ball off the line and Weimann hit the bar, but consider Bradley Johnson clean through, Mount clean through, disallowed goals for Lawrence (after about a 50 pass move) and Bennett and this could have been a much more comprehensive win.

After the Blackburn fiasco, I think most right minded Derby fans will have thought our hopes were over for another year, so fair play to Frank and the boys for getting us into this position.

Who knows what will happen next but what a day and what a win. Get in you Super Rams!


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