Hull City Post Match – Good Vibrations

Yesterday at Pride Park saw a no nonsense, comprehensive win for the Rams against in form Hull City.

Whilst this wasn’t the ‘mauling’ we normally give the Tigers at Pride Park (with one obvious exception) and didn’t move us up the table, it was a solid enough win to receive almost unanimous positive vibes from the DCFC massive – which is an achievement in its self!

Here’s what went down.

To win any game in the Championship, they say you always need a bit of luck and the Rams certainly had a massive slice with Karel Grosicki’s inexplicable miss after around ten minutes. A swift break on the back of a rare Duane Holmes error resulted in the ball slid across the open goal, FIFA style (I believe the young folks call it a sweaty), for the tap in which he amazingly put wide. Had that gone in, it would have been a different game, but who cares.


“FFS Waggy, If i’d known you were this good i’d have played you months ago”

Waghorn up top had one of his best games for Derby. Great work rate, great strength and, of course, two cracking finishes. Aside from being a cracking player at this level, Waggy also has that cheeky Nuge banter going on, which is very quickly making him a cult hero with Rams fans. All great to see and just makes Frank excluding him for so long seem even more bizarre – but let’s not be negative. Who thinks he won’t celebrate if he scores at Ipswich?

Whilst Waggy was the obvious shout for MoM, I thought it should have been Tom Huddlestone. Tom just had one of those days where everything he hit was on point. Spraying balls left and right with both feet, he was simply majestic and, to my mind, was the best player on the pitch by a million miles. On this form comparison with Evans or anyone else at CDM is laughable.

I tweeted after the PNE game that Bryson was done and his legs looked gone to me. So it’s only right to give him a shout out for his best display for some time. The effort is always there, but that yard he was missing at Preston was back and he stole the ball off Hull player on numerous occasions. Well in Bryso.


Super Duane continuing to show the merits of ‘finesse’ on a par with his twin brother Bruno ‘fun size’ Mars.

Frank went with Holmes in the middle and Wilson out wide which was an interesting shout. Wilson had a relatively quiet day for him and failed to clear the wall with two tasty looking free kicks. Holmes was his usual mercurial self and revelled in his central role. His pass for Waggys first was something else. Will be interesting to see if Frank rotates this based on the opposition.

With the Rams dropping out the top 6, we are now operating nicely under the radar. But without moving we caught points on many of our rivals who continue to play each other on a weekly basis. Also there have been far worse teams than Hull to come to Derby, so the ultimate ease of the win has to be taken as highly encouraging.

With players seeming to be hitting form, Roos starting to rack up clean sheets, Mount, Marriot, Old King Cole (that’s Andy AND Ashley) to come and lots of tasty fixtures looming, momentum seems to be building.

Whisper it very quietly, but could the February slump be morphing into the February push ready for the March charge? Guess we’ll find out more at Ipswich.

Come on you Rams!



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  1. Really enjoyed yesterday and agree with most of what you have to say, especially Hud- class apart. Balance of midfield still looks off to me, see how King does.
    I like Holmes but I’m not sure CM is for him. Looked to me like Hull targeted him, especially from our goal kicks. They gave him just enough space to receive the ball from the CB’s, and then steamed in to knock him off the ball. He’s just too small to shield the ball.
    Also – Jozefzoon continues to drive me up the wall, what is he good at?? Bennett has to start ahead of him, IMO.
    But plenty of positives yesterday, winnable games coming up let’s get some more no nonsense/no fuss straight forward wins in the bag!

    • Thank mate. Yes of all the signings Zoon is probably the only one that looks a dud. He has something but he’s been given 4 or 5 stating chances now and hasn’t grabbed any of them.

      Holmes I think is good at protecting the ball with that low centre of gravity thing. Don’t judge him on one error.

      Agree let’s just keep winning and league will look after itself.

      • Not judging him (negatively) overall…he’s great in the other team’s half, but in the middle of our half facing our goal…has me worried. Hull got him more than once like that

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