Derby County Barometer – February 2019

A belated happy new year to all Rams fans and regular readers of Ramspace.

After doing the full shift and posting everyday in December, I took last month off to re-charge the creative tanks and let the January window play out. With all that nonsense done for another 6 months and a rare week with no midweek Rams fixture, it seems a good time to start the new year with the classic Ramspace Barometer of what’s hot and what’s not in the world of DCFC.

This Season – There’s been ups and downs but it’s been brilliant hasn’t it? Frank and Jody, cracking football, Wilsons free kicks, Mount and England, Marriot’s goals, Tomori, Waggy, Duane Holmes, Man Utd, Chelsea, Southampton, Accrington and plenty more to come in the next four months. Bring it.

Harry Wilson – After a slow start due to injury, he’s just got better and better. His free kicks are just ridiculous now but his movement, balance and regular shooting are equally as impressive. As Joel Clyne tweeted last week, he’s basically a £25m player in the championship. Forget signing him, let’s just enjoy him whilst he’s here.


A brilliant signing for £750k, but don’t you wish we’d signed Joao Carvalho for £13.2m?

The January Window – It was a shame we didn’t get the centre back we needed, but in Cole and King we have two super experienced players to support our young guns when the going gets tough. Crucially nobody got recalled, we didn’t  get rinsed by anyone and the majority of the bomb squad were farmed out. After the last few years I’m taking all that as a major positive.

Duane Holmes – Signed under the radar at the back end of the summer window, it took a while for him to get his chance but he is now looking like a serious player. Super skilful, low centre of gravity, versatile, quick and plays with some guts. Quickly becoming a fans favourite.

The Bounce – Great laugh, great way of bonding with the lads and, for some reason, seems to send other team’s fans into meltdown. Good times!


The Bounce  – Constant repetition by some fans is pure cringe and only exposes the chronic lack of original songs in the DCFC fans canon. We need some new chants desperately.

Ikechi Anya – Where is he? Nowhere near the first team, nowhere near the 23’s, not even a whisper of him leaving in January. I don’t blame him for sitting on his contract and I certainly wouldn’t blame him if he doesn’t like football anymore. A nightmare situation for everyone which we need to find a solution for in the summer.


Der, Der, Der, Der, De, De, Der. Come on Lads, we all fuckin’ hate Leeds.

Notts Forest  – Their major summer spending spree was quickly outed as not actually being very good, but Karanka was making steady progress and was certainly building something. So fair play to Mariakos for binning him off and inexplicably replacing him with Martin O’Neil. Three game in and the fans want him out already. Brilliant.

Scapegoating – Everytime something doesn’t go Derby’s way, a section of fans steam straight into one of Keogh, Lawrence or Bogle. Nugent and Tomori have also took their share of stick. Everyone’s opinion is valid but trolling your favourite target to let off steam is daft. In particular, criticism of Bogle is ridiculous.

Leeds United – I know plenty of Derby fans dislike Leeds for historical reasons but I’ve never personally been that fussed by them. However the whole spygate thing, the total lack of remorse, the bizarre PowerPoint presser, the new found obsession with Derby by their odious fans leaves more than a sour taste. God bless Swansea City for serving Leeds with their own Class A portion of unsporting behaviour on deadline day.  Would be great to see them blow up.

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