23rd – Bristol City Post Match

As we approach the final furlong of this run of articles, today is a post match review of yesterdays disappointing draw with Bristol City.

The game was actually pretty entertaining but has to go down as two points lost and certainly threw up more questions than answers about where the Rams are at.

Walking to the ground, my son read us the team news from his phone, Waggy in, great, Zoon in, decent, that means H is back in centre Midfield, Nuge up top Marriott on the bench. What the fuck. More on that in a moment.

There is no doubt that Keogh messed up badly for their goal, which completely changed the dynamic of the game. However outside of that I thought he had a really strong game. He won everything, his block in the second half was outstanding and he was tying to drive us forward at every opportunity. The comments I heard on the Radio on the way home were outrageous. Haters gonna hate, but lets not be ridiculous, the guy is having a storming season and that error was not the reason we didn’t win.

Bristol were bang average and should have been put to the sword. However Derby caused so many problems for themselves with daft mistakes, poor passes and generally just not being as good as they have been, we could easily have lost. Carson was again solid and his brilliant save in the second half from Diedhiou was his best moment this season so far.

Mason Mount looked really sharp and was back to more like his old self. He will be well pleased with his assist and is probably still wondering how their keeper saved his shot in the second half.

Ok back on Nuge. I get gameload, I get using the squad, but when you have a striker like Marriott, he has to play. Let him start, score, then take him off. I’m a fan of Nugent but he had a really poor game yesterday (his miss from the header was criminal)  which made the decision to leave out super Jack even worse than it already was. In addition, apparently Nugent broke his hand last week, which explains why he totally bottled two run ins with their keeper in each half when he should have gone with his head both times. This was a really bad call which hopefully Frank will learn from.

Talking of gameload. Huddz needs some help. He has looked really leggy in the last two games and his quality is starting to suffer. He’s played most games and probably has more touches than anyone, so he could really use a rest. Maybe George Evans in the man or maybe this guy Kamara from Dundee, either way we need a new option. Malone is another who looks like he could use some time out.

If we have any designs on pushing towards the top 2 then we need to be putting games like this to bed without even blinking. There will be plenty more teams who come to Pride Park to frustrate us before the seasons out and we simply have to be more aggressive and ruthless in the final third. To often, we went for a pot shot or an aimless cross when we could have tried to break the lines with a 1-2 or had a run at the full back. Zoon and Waggy have not played for weeks, but both have to do more for me.

So a chance missed for sure, but we remain in decent shape at the halfway point to the season and the division remains wide open for whoever wants it.

Onwards to Sheffield.

lamps jody bench

Its totes awks on the bench as Frank realises that his decision to overule Jody and Chris to put Nuge in over Marriott is a level 1 fuck up.



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