15th – The Derby County Brexit Debate

Just when you thought you were in a safe space, we have decided to tackle the biggest issue of the day once and for all. Brexit.

If, like most sane people, you have no idea who or what to believe about Brexit, we’ve made it plain and simple for fans of Derby County. Read on and see where your heart really lies in this historical debate/car crash.

Soft Brexit Argument – Let the freedom of movement continue

Branko Strupar, Derby County  (Photo by Neal Simpson/EMPICS via Getty Images)

Poor Branko had a fitness record that made George Thorne look like Mo Farah. But when he was fit he was ace.

Stefano Eranio

Francesco Baiano

Aljosa Asanovic

Igor Stimac

Jacob Laursen

Branko Strupar

Jeff Hendrick

Alberton Bueno

Mart Poom

Gregorz Raziak

Inigo Idiakez

Morten Bisgaard

Florian Jozefzoon


Early victim of hard brexit at hands of Nigel Clough. Scored one of the greatest goals ever seen at Pride Park….for Barnsley

Tomasz Cywka

Ron Willems

Georgi Kinkladze


Hard Brexit Argument – Get the borders locked down a.s.a.p.

Lars Bohinen

Mikel Beck

Francois Grenet

Bjorn Otto Bragstaad

Richard Goulooze

Ivan Calero

Daniel Daino

Tom Koblenz

beck derby

Beck – Loser

The Bald Eagle was either an early hardcore remainer or on Acid when he swapped out Chris Powell for this clown.

Stefan Schnoor

Freddie Stoor

Omar Mascarell

Raul Albentosa

Andre Pereplotkins

Przemysław Kaźmierczak

Pierre Ducrocq

Martin Albrechtsen


Laurent Robert

Julien De Saart

Valentin Gjokaj

Abdoul Camara

Lillian Martin

Simo Valakari

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