12th – Bands FC

You will all be well aware of the super cool football meets music creative design project Bands FC.

If you are not, the idea is that the guys merge a bands logo with an appropriate football badge to produce a new badge that represents both.

Regular readers will know that we have always liked to merge a bit of music and football so here’s our own take on Bands FC. Read on, you’ll get the jist.

Notts Forest/Def Leppard: Well known in Europe after some success in the 70/80s but always widely regarded as a bit shit in England with no credibility or even vague hint of being cool or popular. Now reduced to the status of a  cringeworthy heritage act.

Man City/Little Mix: Completely manufactured outfit initially regarded as tacky but after a few years at the top and consistent success are now seen as more interesting than more authentic, but frankly boring, peers.

Man Utd/ Coldplay: Authentic proper club/band who built themselves up by doing the things the right way and playing great football/ writing great songs. Attracted a huge mainstream audience before eventually becoming incredibly boring and an image of everything they used to stand against.

Borrussia Dortmund / Radiohead: Much vaunted alternative act but actually so big and popular they are really not alternative at all.

St Pauli/The Fall: One for the hardcore alternatives. Hipsters may come and go but for true fans it’s a way of life

Leicester City/ Snow Patrol: After years of pointless mediocrity, became briefly massive on the back of winning the Premier League/the Final Straw LP before quickly becoming completely average and pointless once more.

Wimbledon/Happy Mondays: Ramshackle bunch of chancers who’s astonishing rise from the gutter to the stars culminated in winning the FA Cup/a no 1 LP. Misguided attempts to up the anti with expensive follow up/signings & PR debacle of anti gay interview/moving to MK ensured they disappeared faster than Jacob Butterfield in a tough midfield scrap.

Millwall / The Levellers: Horrible, Scruffy, Dirty Urchins with a fanbase to match. Were dog (on a string) shit back in the day, have been shit in recent history and are absolute shit now.

Liverpool/U2: Undeniable kings of football/pop throughout the 80’s & early 90’s. Despite a string of fashion faux pas’s from Terry Mac’s tash to Craig Johnstone’s perm to Bono’s mullet to the infamous ‘Joshua Tree pilgrim fathers’ look, they won a pile of trophies/sold shitloads of records. After a decade of truly abysmal signings/follow ups  we thought the smug bastards were finished. However their renaissance in recent years has irritatingly put them well and truly back in the public domain.

Fulham / Bastille: Annoying, posh, toff, bed wetters whose regular poor output  / seasons of decline are occasionally punctuated by a banger / season of glory which irritatingly keeps them constantly in and around the top table.


“Son I’m Sleazy, we only moved to MK cos i’m greedy”

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