2nd – Swansea Post Match

Although you may call me out for cheating, there seems little or no point doing a random post about the Rams the day after a game.

Thus here’s my thoughts on yesterdays win over Swansea.

For the most part, well up to the Swansea goal to be exact, this was as routine a win as you will ever see at Pride Park. It really could and should have been a cricket score and the fact we nearly blew it was another pointer at the naivety of this undoubtably talented Rams team. However a win with plenty left in the tank is a good day in my view.


Don’t even think about it Jurgen.

Harry Wilson – What. A. Player. Two more bangers for the young welshman to add to his ever growing collection of wonder goals (cue thousands of you’re a wizard Harry tweets). The first in particular was majestic. Have a look at the rear angle and watch the ball swerve outside then inside the post. Brilliant. The guy is on absolute flames and has stepped in at exactly the right time as Mount builds himself back up from injury.

Tom Lawrence looked class yesterday and both Mount and Bryson look like they are getting back up to towards full fitness. However the latter definitely needs to stay behind and work on his finishing.

We were debating in the pub before the game who actually plays for Swansea nowadays and their teamsheet did little to help (the South stand chant of “You’ve got fucking no-one” made me chuckle). The introduction of Leroy Fer and Montero in particular definitely changed the momentum of the game before the goal, so it was more than weird they weren’t in from the start in favour of various Acadamy lads. Plus where’s Bony who was apparently fit? if they are in the mode of trying to force out players on big wages, lump on them to go down. Bad times for the Swans.

Finally I think its becoming increasingly clear Defence is a major area to look at in January. The lack of clean sheets is annoying and these daft goals are constantly making life hard. Injuries to Curt and Fozzy along with Wisdoms apparent fall from favour have left us thin to say the least. A full back both sides and another centre half will definitely be on the shopping list I suspect.

Onwards to Wigan. Come on you Rams!


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