Derby County Barometer – November 2018

Every time there is an international break, I always think this is the perfect time to do a Barometer, with no games or major Rams goings on to make your points redundant before you’ve started.

For various reasons this never quite works out, but this time it has, so check out the latest Ramspace DCFC Barometer below.

Jack Marriott – After a slow start to his Rams career whilst he built up fitness and got acclimatized to life in the Championship, Super Jack is on fire and is starting to look like one of our best signings in years. He may not look like a pirate anymore, but the goals are flowing and comparisons with Dean Saunders and Bobby Davison are not un warranted. If he stays fit, this guy can take us up. What a player.

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 07.41.36

‘I just don’t get it, wheres all this bloody space, coming from? What the fuck is happening?”

Derby County Academy – For those who follow the youth teams, you will know that both the U23s and, in particular the U18’s (take 5 mins to check their results) are both having storming seasons. With players moving through the levels (16s to 18s, 18s to 23s, 23s to 1st team) the system at last appears to be working. Great work Jody Morris…..cough, err, sorry, I meant Darren Wassall of course.

The West Brom Mauling – What a performance this was by Derby. Champagne Supernova football, great goals, Frank tactically destroying Big Dave and a thumping win against a promotion rival on their own patch. This was the point the season went up a gear and shit got serious.

Pre Match Beers – The Frank feel good factor in full effect. Quality beers, top laugh with your mates and a cheap shuttle bus service just in time for kick off. Meeting time seems to get 30 mins earlier every week. Get Involved!

Fikayo Tomori – Even in the age of information, his signing in the summer was greeted with a communal “Who’s he?”. Whilst still prone to the odd lapse, his quality on the ball, barnstorming style of defending and the general fact that he clearly loves playing for DCFC has made him a firm favourite with Rams fans. Curtis who?


Tom Lawrence Haters – Yes he looks like a thunderbird, yes his body language isn’t great and yes he was certainly a twat at Rotherham. That said, the guy is absolute quality. Easily as good as Wilson and a great asset to the armoury. Give him a break kids.

Aston Villa – Odious fans with the most morbid canon of songs you’ll ever hear, a team of overpaid dislikeable pricks and now a hipster manager who is “one of their own”. A perfect storm of shite if ever there was one. Let’s hope these wankers don’t find the magic formula.

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 07.44.16

“Hi, this is central command in Derby calling Siberia. Can you send Flo Jo back please, agent Bizzle has been incapacitated.” 

Flo Jo – Has shown flashes of what he can do but has too often not taken his chance when offered it. With Masey B now out for a stretch, it’s time for the flying Dutchman to step up to the plate.

ACL Injuries – Just how many of these do Derby have to suffer? It seems we now get 1 or 2 every season and it’s so gutting every time. For poor old Fozzy to suffer three is terrible and so unlucky, especially when he was actually playing his best football for years. Wounded.

January Window – Its nearly that time of year folks. The daily bullshit on twitter, fear of loan players getting re-called, DCFC signing a humungous pile of shit whilst our rivals kill it. The January window is littered with the corpses of multiple DCFC seasons past. If Frank and Jody can successfully negotiate this minefield, we may really be on to something.

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  1. First time I’ve read this loved it 👍👍

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