Man Utd Away – In Your Dreams Mate

A policy I have always adopted over the years for gigs and football is “if in doubt, get a ticket”.

I would say this policy serves me well 85% of the time, however I doubt it will ever deliver more spectacularly than with last night’s epic victory at Old Trafford.

Unlike the majority of the Rams away following, I didn’t actually attend last season’s game at Old Trafford due to a clash with my Dads 70th birthday celebrations (ironic I had as many messages after the game last night about his Sky Sports close up than I did the result!). But even then, I wasn’t that fussed about last night, assuming both teams would go with reserve line ups and Bolton on Saturday was likely to have more on it and more chance of a DCFC win. However with tickets ultimately pretty reasonable, I thought why not.


Eamon Holmes, Usain Bolt, Mani, James Nesbitt, Kev from Coro, your boys took one hell of a beating!

It’s easy to forget what going to a big premier league ground is actually like. Food outlets everywhere, Merch stands of various quality on every corner and just loads and loads of people. In fairness, as much as I like a beery day trip to Barnsley or Birmingham, this is different gravy and its mega.

The game itself you know about, but here’s a few of my observations.

Fair play to Lamps for going full strength and playing to win. What’s the point getting a plumb tie like that and putting out your reserves? I’ll never forgive McClaren for doing that in the Leicester replay when they were there for the taking. Saying it was his easiest selection of the season just adds to Franks growing habit of just doing things correctly, regardless of the outcome.

What has Lamps done to Bradley Johnson? There’s rightly been plenty of noise around the promotion of Bogle and Bennett, the return of Bryson and our new boys but Bradley Johnson is absolutely on fire. At last using his strength and energy in the right way and in the right areas, giving Bryson some competition for mileage and actually doing some decent passes. His bone shaking tackle on Tony Marshall was one of my favourite moments of last night, taking the lot and leaving the little Frenchman in a heap on the floor for several minutes. Beastmode!

Tomori is simply brilliant and getting better with every game. Fast, Strong, great on the ball but also has that Keogh “they shall not pass” mentality throwing himself in front of and/or at everything. Went toe to toe with Lukaku and came out on top. It’s also clear he is absolutely loving every second of his time with the Rams . This guy needs a chant ASAP.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 21.22.25

Keogh bags his pen and all the lads uncover their eyes.

Talking of Lukaku “You’re just a shit Connor Sammon” was the funniest Derby chant I’ve heard for a while.

Whilst penalty shootouts can go either way, it would have been a travesty of the highest order had we not won this game. After a shaky start (and definitely riding our luck for 10 minutes in the first half), we absolutely played United off the park. The pens were nerve racking as they always are, but the feeling of sheer relief and joy in the Derby end when Keogh scored was almost as big as when Phil Jones missed! Fair play to the skipper.

The pure joy and unconditional support for The Rams last night was really something special to be part of. I know fans feed of the team and vice versa but some of the toxic atmospheres we’ve seen in recent times seemed a million miles away and when the goals went in and, of course, when Jones missed, it was fucking glorious! Absolute Scenes.

It’s almost difficult to comprehend the difference between this Derby team now and the slow ponderous, one dimensional, shithousery we saw under Rowett. Without really spending any serious money on anybody, we now have a team packed full of talent, playing great football, massive potential to get better and a palpable team spirit and togetherness, the likes of which we haven’t seen for a long time.

Can the Rams do it again at Bolton Saturday? Will the same 11 have enough to go again after this high of highs? How will we shape up against the more worldly wise teams like Boro or West Brom? For now, who cares.

We beat Man United at Old Trafford and fully deserved to.  Get in you Super Rams!



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