Rotherham Away – When Good Times Go Bad

After what seemed like a very long international break, I think all Derby fans were chomping at the bit for yesterday’s trip to Rotherham.

A relatively local and winnable fixture, The Rams in fine fettle, a sold out away end and the Lampard effect in full motion. Not even a flash train strike could spoil the anticipation.

What could possibly go wrong?

The first half was not untypical of what we have seen in many Rams games this season. Busy opposition causing us a few issues but not really laying a glove on us. The Rams looking menacing at times in the final third but not quite giving you the feeling they were fully in charge of proceedings.

The Lawrence sending off changed the game and was utterly ridiculous. Having seen it back, this was no two-foot horror tackle but, as Lampard said, it was certainly a strong yellow and the reaction of the Rotherham players meant there was only going to be one outcome. The thing for me was it was pointless. There was no real niggle or pretext to the tackle, the guy was going nowhere and it ultimately cost us the game. A genuine moment of madness from Tom that he will now have plenty of time to think about during his 3-match ban.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 07.39.49

Photo evidence suggests Tom Lawrence’s tackle may have been more pre-meditated than we thought

At the game, I couldn’t see their pen but there was no doubt the ref was giving a goal kick and the lino made the call. Having seen that back, it was soft at best and no way should linos be giving marginal pens like that (and let’s not forget if the ref hadn’t bottled an obvious second yellow, Wood wouldn’t even have been on the pitch). Conversely at our end, it was inexplicable that  the lino didn’t flag for the stonewall handball right in front of him.

Frank can moan all he likes about leaving the technical area but there’s a difference between stepping 5 yards out to make a point to a player/the ref and walking 30 yards down the touchline to berate the lino. I’m afraid Frank the player came out a bit there and, like Lawrence, he can’t complain over his Red and will need to learn to control his emotions a bit better in the future, regardless of how shit and inconsistent the officials are (and theres plenty more where these clowns came from).

Whilst the officials were as bad as I’ve seen for a long time,  Derby need to be better than this. Our quality up top is undeniable but we can’t keep drifting and scraping through games for 60 70 minutes and then relying on a bit of class to pinch it. I have no doubt that’s what would have happened yesterday, had the madness not occurred, but we need to have more control and be blasting teams in the first 20 not the last.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 07.41.50

Highly doubtful this beauty will ever make a DCFC Twitter caption competition, but it certainly should.

Player wise, Defence were good. Jayden Bogle in particular was outstanding and my MOM. His drive and determination to get us something was great to see. In Midfield, Johnson was ok, Mount was class but Huddz struggled against the mobile and busy opposition (Bryson would have lapped up this game). The front 3 were poor. Waggy to me looks much better wide than he does at CF, FloJo just didn’t get into it and Lawrence was actually our biggest threat before his head loss. Marriott and Bennett were much better but it was too little too late.

I’m also sad to report that Captain Jack Marriott has had his pirate locks removed in favour of a Peaky Blinders Brylcream look. Bad day all round.

Quick shout out to Rotherham. Their game plan of letting us play out but keeping shape to close spaces worked a treat. Their midfield are energetic, mobile  and lively and their lump up top is a real handful. They don’t have any quality but have massive enthusiasm and clearly a good manager. They will beat plenty more teams this season.

Finally, I didn’t see the chair throwing stuff but I did see plenty of distasteful, disrespectful and generally obnoxious behaviour by some Derby fans all day. I am not sure why, but I had  a feeling that some Rams fans “had it on them” from the moment we got to Rotherham. Lets hope that was a one off and those who let us down yesterday get dealt with. That’s not how we roll.

Bad day at the office. Lets get the show back on the road next week.

Come on you Rams,


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