Madness, Madness, They call it Madness

Not more than a month ago, the Rams were 45 minutes from a date at Wembley and another golden shot at the Premier League.

Fast forward 4 weeks and the Championship looks like a 6 season Football manager save, with crazy stuff happening all over the place and DCFC, as you would expect, being right in the eye of this bonkers storm.

Firstly, lets deal with Rowett and start from the position that no one likes getting dumped, regardless of the scenario. In my opinion, Rowett did a decent job at Derby. His banter was certainly better than his style of football, but he won more than he lost and we did score lots of goals. The problem was that, despite changing up a decent portion of the first team, he couldn’t stop the annual February slump and weirdly seemed to hold that against the club and the fans. In addition, when it works, Shithousing is brilliant & hilarious, when it doesn’t, it’s a really tough watch and many Rams fans were absolutely turned off by GR’s general negative tactics. I am certain they weren’t what Mel had in mind when he came up with his infamous “Derby Way” mantra.


“Thanks for that Coatesy. Viva La Shithouse you Mug”

As I said, no one likes getting dumped and I am sure most Rams fans thought they would never see the day our manager would think Stoke City was a better option than DCFC. That said, if GR had been sacked after the Burton debacle, I don’t think many would have blamed Mel. As it is, we got £2m for getting rid, instead of paying out to another failed manager and MM should get a better style of football back for his team.

History is littered with managers who have done well on a budget but then couldn’t deal with major transfer funds. Thus it will be interesting to see how Rowett goes at Stoke, how he handles being the favourite in most games and whether he is still happy to give up possession so easily. Let’s hope he has a shitter.

Meanwhile back at Derby, Frank Lampard is our new manager. Just take a moment to let that sink in.

If nothing else, this has immediately made Derby the most high-profile club in the Championship. Already we see any mention of the EFL on BBC Sport or Sky being tagged with a photo of Frank and you can safely assume that a good portion of the Rams first 6 weeks of fixtures will be selected for TV.

In the real world, Frank has already spoken of putting his own stamp on the team, introducing young players and a more attacking style of play. All music the ears of your average Rams fan. The issue as always will be how many of the overpaid duffers in the squad he can shift to make space, prior to next summer’s mass contract expiry.

What he should bring is a clear understanding of what is required to win at the elite level of football and be able to introduce proven good habits and practices throughout the football operation. For sure if he starts to build a younger, hungrier team, there will be plenty of goodwill for him to work with.


“…..and then Rowett rings me up and says if I need any advice or help just ask”

Elsewhere in the Championship, Aston Villa are lurching on the edge of the precipice, standing as yet another monument to what happens in the Championship when good times go bad. Leeds have appointed Mario Bielsa as manager, which is just nuts. Then in the biggest plot twist of the lot, Forest have emerged trying to “do a Wolves” signing a player from Benfica for £13m and limbering up to do plenty more where that came from.

How this has come about seems to be due to some creative accounting (those Red Dogs who talk of a £39m profit need to learn the difference between the Balance Sheet & the P&L), record sponsor and kit deals (in fairness they must have been paid a fucking kings ransom to swap adidas for the nasty sub sports direct shite they now wear) and record season ticket sales of 18000 (awww bless).

Similar to Rowett, it will be fascinating to see how it plays out. Fair play to them for having a go.

As always, the focus now shifts to the Rams transfer activity as we all wait for Franks first signing and/or the sale of Vyds. You would like to think Derby will have learned from the Will Hughes debacle and hold their nerve a little. But equally, if someone offers any sort of profit on a player who was worth nothing this time last year, they may just take it so they can crack on in other areas. Again, it depends how much of this budget talk is real or transfer market bluster.

I think this is going to be an exciting period for Derby and for the first time in a while it does genuinely feel like a new era is dawning.

Enjoy the summer and the World Cup. More here as it happens.

Come on you Rams!


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