Post Match Thoughts – Sheffield United

When the odious Raheem Sterling scored his undeserved, deflected 97th winner for, the increasingly dislikeable, Man City as we left the pub, we should have known it was going to be one of those days. However, I don’t think anyone could have predicted one of the most car crash away performances Derby have put on for some time.

Here’s how it went down.

With a large and lively away support, the team in good shape and all round good vibes abounding, the stage was set for a great afternoon and a strong finish to the first part of the season. When the normally reliable Carson gifted the first goal to Sharp (he could have hit that to anyone of their 10 other players and they probably wouldn’t have scored.) the whole atmosphere changed immediately. The Blades fans were up, their players became a foot taller and a yard faster and the away end went silent.

The main topic pre-match was the surprise retention of Russell, after his injury last week, over Lawrence. After contributing pretty much nothing for the half, his ludicrous OG topped off his performance and gifted a 2 goal lead to the Blades who did not create a single chance in open play during the first period. Madness.


A skilful, committed, midfield leader. FFS.

Derby had lots of the ball in the first half but the old hesitancy and lack of confidence in the final third let us down time and again. Vydra in particular did some really good things but then just didn’t commit the final man or take a shot when he could have. Rowett should invite Marco Gabbiadini to Moor Farm who could definitely help Vyds a lot more than Kevin Phillips.

No subs at half time was another surprising decision by the manager. In my view, missing an opportunity to get on the front foot from minute 1 and get the fans back behind the team. When the changes did come 12 minutes in the die had already been cast for the second half. Derby running into brick walls and United players running around making tackles and blocks like it was a cup final and their fans loving every minute of it. The away end remaining silent. Awful.

Tom Lawrence looked dangerous and sharp as soon as he came on, merely adding to the bemusement of why he didn’t start. He was inches from scoring an absolute worldy out of nothing and was constantly involved doing some good work with Wizzer. He now needs to be a fixture in the team.

Weirdly, despite conceding the three daftest goals you will ever see, our defence actually played well (although I’m absolutely not having Ollsson over Fozzy at all). What we are crying out for is some mobility and aggression alongside Huddlestone. That’s not Bradley Johnson and I don’t think its George Thorne either. This is the key piece now for me, more than “different attacking options”.

Sheffield United are really poor. They have an ace marksman in Sharp for sure but nothing else apart from team spirit, endeavour and great fans. Fair play to them, but for Derby to lose so meekly to a team like this I am sure was as worrying for GR as it was for us.

You can’t legislate for gifting two crazy goals as we did, but the inability to roll up our sleeves and “have a go” and the associated negativity in the away end was everything that is currently wrong with our team. We joked all summer at the cricket about “having all of winter to be miserable at football”, I just didn’t think it would start so early!

I don’t think this result will change our mindset before the transfer window closes (on this showing we should get Coutts back!) and I would be amazed if we saw any headloss signings. However GR certainly has plenty to ponder in these next two weeks before the next round of games.  

Keep the faith, Come on you Rams, 


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  1. A good post apart from ‘The Sheffield Unitef are really poor.’ We got 100 pts lastcseasin and currently sit in the top 6 of the Championship. The notion it is all down to enthusiasm, effort and as you say not a lot else is nonsense. We are a good side and take away the daft goals that we contributed to with good play alsi in tje build up; we were still much better than Derby. You have players who cost millions (one sub Lawrence cost more than whole team) but what would concern me is that not just about effort; application but likes od Coutts, Fleck and Duffy out passed and out falled you. It was not just effort. Still this kind of lazy reporting and dismissal of our underrated ‘footballing side’ makes me laugh. Probably tarred Huddersfield with same brush last year.

    • Sorry typos…should say outpassed and outplayed

    • Spot on Sir, I was about to respond myself but you said it all. If “poor” means a defence like a brick wall, centre halves that attack in final third, and a midfield trio that totally ran the show then give me more “poor!”

  2. Watching it at our home in Gironde I wondered if Russell was playing until he scored! What was he doing? Maybe they spiked the water. An awful match-Martin no impact & moanin’ as usual. Just hope we sign someone to replace Ince & learn to get stuck in. Watched Newcastle & they fought for every ball.

    Still left with that lingering gloom after the Rams lose.

  3. Sorry mate hate to disagree on some points Sheffield are not a poor team, you made reference to Coutts he is not a poor player. Look what they did last year albeit lg 1 that’s not being poor. Where they poor in their last 2 home games? They won. The warning was there. Sometimes you have to take it on the chin mate. Out fought, out played (Nye 10m at the end) no desire, had the money, big wages underperfomed, move on.

  4. You must have been watching a different game or had beer goggles on or just plain arrogant Blades played Derby off the park for most of first half with accurate speedy passing game and your team cost how much ??
    If you write a blog at least make it true and address what is wrong with your team, yesterday they were shite.

  5. “Sheffield united are very poor” . Goals will come from other areas as the season ticks on,just like last year. Its called progression. We’re still settling in and doing ok.

  6. We Hammered You

    What a fucking clown you are

  7. What a totally bias opinion!! I thought Derby were very poor throughout (even with help from a very poor ref). The early goal lifted us no doubt but that’s how we play every game “like a cup final”. Our central midfield three worked a lot harder than yours & im sure you’ve seen the stats? More possession? More passes? More crosses? More shots on target? Overall the result matched the performance if not slightly flattering you.

  8. christopher john lynskey

    If you think united were poor God Help you lot.
    Utd deservedly won the game.
    Tough titty

  9. Deluded …. that’s what u are pal 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️⚔️⚔️

  10. Thanks to all you Blades for your comments on the piece. Here’s a considered response to you all.

    Firstly Derby were awful yesterday and you deserved your win. There is no debate or argument from me there.

    Secondly, if you read the piece properly and look at my Twitter, you will see various references to what a great town Sheffield is and positive references to your team and fans.

    This is a Derby blog so, shock, it’s biased towards Derby. Moaning about that is like me phoning Radio Sheffield moaning the commentary is focused on the Blades. Daft.

    Clearly the bit that’s wound you all up is me referring to you as a poor side. This is probably a bit lazy and bitter in retrospect but in reality, you totally out ran, out battled and out fought us but I think references to out passing and playing us, is you guys getting carried away.

    I take all the points on budget which are fact and certainly gives us no devine right to win any game, which is half our problem.

    A few weeks ago we were beaten by Wolves who DID totally outplay us. I have nothing against the Blades but you guys aren’t in the same galaxy as teams like them. I guess my point was we ‘should’ be getting results against teams like United and although I did clearly diss you guys it was more a dig at my own underperforming team than United.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the comments and good luck for the rest of the season, especially against the Wendys!

  11. And there you go again…”we should be beating teams like United”. What gives you the entitlement? You didn’t play well because we didn’t allow you to play well.

    It’s been too long but United are back…underestimate us at your peril.

    • Bloody hell mate. Read it again. I say we have no devine right to beat anyone. But right now with our budget spent and you being newly promoted we should be beating you.

  12. stephen thorpe

    What an idiot sheffield united played derby off the park, we outworked derby from the first minute to the last, its amazing when your on the receiving end of a good beating how bitter some fans can get get a life and stop bleating you mardy ram

    • I give up. How many times does it say in the piece and comments you outworked us? Jesus.

      • It was the “Sheffield United are really poor” jibe that understandably rankled – we aren’t. Other than that, it’s a bit weird to state that we have one good player and then to wish that you could have Coutts back, isn’t it? We have some very good players, just because you might not have heard of them doesn’t make it not so, and you failed to give us the credit that was due.

      • For the record, coutts had a great game but I really don’t want him back thanks.

  13. stephen thorpe

    Alright outworked outplayed outclassed outfought out of your depth is that better summed up in sheffield united fc

  14. Ok, here’s another point. In Saturday’s programme Rowett is quoted as follows – “I was expecting, from some of the stories I have heard, that the players and the dressing room were difficult, but I haven’t found that at all.”

    He would say that, wouldn’t he. But those stories were out there, originated from somewhere, and there is rarely smoke without fire. “Big” players on big money = big egos. The reason we beat you so easily is that we are a TEAM in the truest sense – you don’t win 100 points in any professional league without that. Whereas, on the evidence of Saturday, for all the talented individuals, Derby are not. Your players didn’t want it as much as ours and didn’t play for each other.

  15. What I saw was an error by Carson to clear the ball to Sharp then a stupid own goal by Russell. Hardly adds up to ‘played off the park’. When you come to Pride Park revenge will be sweet-Rowett won’t stand for displays like that!

    Love the passion of Sheffield fans & good luck though not agaist us. 😎

    • I think the stats for possession speak for themselves. We pressed hard all over the pitch, your players couldn’t be bothered to do that and were chasing shadows in midfield all afternoon, so you had very little of the ball and we didn’t allow you to do much with it when you had it.

      But good luck to you guys too, had a soft spot for you since the Clough years.

  16. Every team united play play poor, we’ll that’s the reaction from opposition fans. Are we lucky or descent. Anyway hope you win tomorrow. Think derby will make playoffs id be delighted with 6th.


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